An idea for recruiting walkers

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Re : An idea for recruiting walkers

Postby kdreher » Wed Feb 23, 2005 03:46 pm

Carol..great idea. I just mailed about 12 letters to family with a letter, registration and extra copies so they can ask ppl they know to walk.

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An idea for recruiting walkers

Postby carolh » Mon Feb 21, 2005 08:24 pm

Hi All -

In my brainstorming I came up with an idea for recruiting walkers/pledges and thought I'd share it in case it sounds promising to any one else:

I am forming a planning committee that, right now, will consist of 5 people (including me). I'm proposing that each of us agree to recruit at least 20 walkers at $15 each AND to solicit at least 20 pledges/donations from those who can't attend at a minimum of $15. Doing the math, if that's all that we accomplish then we'll have raised $3000!

I figure if I know at least 20 people that I can recruit to walk and I know of 20 others that I can solicit pledges from (mostly friends and family who live out of town) then most of you probably do too!

Of course, each walker that we recruit we will encourage to recruit other walkers AND/OR to solicit pledges so all of that will just add to our total.

Just an idea I thought I'd share!


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