brat fry

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brat fry

Postby mom2tori » Fri Apr 22, 2005 06:18 am

One of our local grocery stores allows fundraising brat frys in their booth right outside of their store. We are penciled in for Sunday May 1 to hold a brat fry for the walk a thon. It is a $25 deposit since it is on their property and using their grill and such. We will have brats and hamburgers, they gave us a price list and profit list if we go with their suggested sale prices and the biggest profit comes from brats and burgers but a ribeye sandwhich brings a nice profit too so we are trying to decide if we want to do that as well. I am excited about the brat fry since they are usually a big hit here in town, so hopefully we are able to raise some good money but I am sure it will depend largely on the weather. Sunday is a good day since most of the people will be getting out of church and either be driving by or stopping at the store for something for Sunday dinner. We have to find people to man the booth and I think we have everyone we need and that was pretty easy to draft the people for the booth.

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