Walk-A-Thon Results as of 6/17/05

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Walk-A-Thon Results as of 6/17/05

Postby grace04 » Sat Jun 04, 2005 02:20 pm

Walk-A-Thon Results by Location

Great news! Our current numbers show $51,736.19 raised in revenue from the Walk-A-Thon! Way to go team!!!! After expenses, we are showing a net profit of $41,978.71. Please note these numbers are not exact - I tried to capture as much as I could by location, but we do have approximately $4,000 in WAT revenue that is unassigned (to a specific site). Here are the numbers:

Hope, AR - $ 305.00

Tempe, AZ - $3567.00

San Diego, CA - $ 290.00

Tampa, FL - $1954.00

Davenport, IA - $7276.00

Duluth, GA - $2045.00

Ann Arbor, MI - $8520.00

Grand Rapids, MI- $1020.00

Minneapolis, MN - $8265.00

Montclair, NJ- $4170.00

Toledo, OH - $2215.00

Portland, OR - $1775.00

Horsham, PA - $2225.00

Pottsgrove, PA - $1704.00

Holly Hill, SC - $765.00

Seabrook, TX - $ 840.00

Beaver Dam, WI - $2423.00

I cannot say enough how thankful I am for all the hard work of everyone involved!! We surpassed our original goal by nearly 300%!!! Every dollar that was raised helped to make this event happen – so thank you to each and every one of you!!!

I will update this post once I receive the numbers from Holly Hill, SC. Also I expect there will be a bit more revenue flowing in from t-shirt sales, uncollected contributions, and other misc. items.

One more thing - a few sites sent me Company Match Forms for donations that were made. I have not received any of those dollars yet but will update this post as I receive them.


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