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What do you say about preeclampsia?

Re : What do you say about preeclampsia?

Postby mada » Fri Jan 30, 2004 02:23 pm

by mada (4081 Posts), Fri Jan 30, 2004 02:23 pm

I know how hard it is to decide whether or not to bring up the Pre-e with other women....I always feel like that is the center of conversation with me when it comes to pregnancy. I applaud you for your tireless energy for this cause and know that you will be a source of comfort for that grieving family. My heart goes out to them....

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Re : What do you say about preeclampsia?

Postby eleni » Fri Feb 06, 2004 04:32 pm

by eleni (473 Posts), Fri Feb 06, 2004 04:32 pm

Just remember this: "scaring" a woman will not give her preeclampsia or any other life-threatening condition of pregnancy. So for those women who hear "horror stories" or interpret good advice about a bad situation as "horror" and spend the rest of their pregnancy anxious, I say "too bad." Wake up and smell the roses. If you're old enough to be pregnant, you're old enough to be responsible about that pregnancy and not live it in a fairy tale. (OK, I'm really not that crass and obnoxious, but the "don't scare her" thing just sends me over the edge.) Part of our responsiblity as survivors is to be respectful and educational to our pregnant sisters out there - friend, family or stranger. We can share information without sounding melodramatic, and we must encourage all women to take charge of their health. This is a cross-disease message that all women need to hear.
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Re : What do you say about preeclampsia?

Postby taras mom » Sat Feb 07, 2004 00:38 am

by taras mom (841 Posts), Sat Feb 07, 2004 00:38 am

I just found out that a neighbor is having her second set of twins; I haven't seen her in a long time, and she showed up at a party with a huge tummy. Yes, I was incredibly jealous! I was also impressed at how much she knew about preeclampsia, and it struck me how uncommon that is. I figure that by her late 30s every woman probably has at least one friend or close relative who's had preeclampsia, but it's surprising how little some women know about it. A little zealotry is a good thing!

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Re : What do you say about preeclampsia?

Postby kdreher » Mon Feb 09, 2004 12:32 am

by kdreher (2482 Posts), Mon Feb 09, 2004 12:32 am

My sister is 35 yrs old (almost 36) and is due May 28, 2004. When I found out she was pregnant, over my belated bday dinner with her, my heart sank while I was overjoyed at the news. Lisa has a son who is now 10 1/2 and experienced toxemia with him. Because she is my sister (we are only 18 months apart) I was honest with her and told her I didn't want to scare her but she needs to be careful. It has been 10 yrs since she was pregnant, experienced a blood pressure related issue and is pregnant by another partner. I wouldn't want anything to happen to her or my soon to be NEICE (and godchild) [:)]. Lisa and her beau had genetic testing done and her doc also said due to her previous bp issues, he won't let her go over the due date. So far, she has been doing well and her b/p has been fine! As hard as it was for me to talk about my issue (and it was hard for her to tell me she was pregnant)...I had to tell her the truth and what to do for the next few months.

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