Goodbye Daycare, hello quarentine

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Re : Goodbye Daycare, hello quarentine

Postby raetay » Thu Nov 19, 2009 04:49 pm

Sorry that daycare didn't work out, but it sounds like a nanny is the right thing for you. My son's first winter, he was too sick to even hire a nanny. He would have required a medical aide, which we couldn't afford. I stayed home and we were quarantined, too, until April. We went from September to April without taking him in public. It's tough, but for me it was very worth it. We did get a Synagis shot for two winters. I was so grateful!
Good luck!

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Re : Goodbye Daycare, hello quarentine

Postby kdreher » Mon Nov 09, 2009 02:24 pm

I'm sorry to read this. Michael has asthma and is on the nebulizer 2x a day but so far is ok. He has had 3 ear infections since Feb. He has been in daycare since June and I really don't think any cold he got was necesarily from there. Your son was much smaller than Michael so I can understand issues might occur with regards to immunity. I think being home is the best time right now.

Michael rec'd the synagis shot last year (Dec-April) they will not approve it this year. I have GREAT insurance too. We did the flu shot and after a scare last week with a cold/suspected H1N1 we will get the H1N1 vaccine in 2 weeks.

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Re : Goodbye Daycare, hello quarentine

Postby trish » Sat Nov 07, 2009 02:34 pm

(((HUGS))) Sorry you are having to do that! But glad you've found a nanny you like. My youngest was barely even premature & is almost 2 but before it was even officially "cold & flu season" she had RSV/bronchiolitis & then did 30 days of antibiotics (10 of amox. & then 20 more of augmentin) before a sinus/URI infection finally cleared up. She did steroids & neb treatments for over a month too.

Because her lungs seemed "compromised' according to her Ped. (for whatever reason) we've had both doses of regular flu shot & just today went & got the H1N1. The state of OK had an H1N1 "blitz" today & held free clinics around the state. My Ped. didn't have any and neither did my Dr. but instead all 3 of my kids and myself were able to get it today for free. They'll probably have another clinic in a month for the 2nd dose kids need. Maybe your state will have something like that soon.

Sounds like it would be worth asking about the Synagis shots again this year. Hang in there!!

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Goodbye Daycare, hello quarentine

Postby jfindley » Fri Nov 06, 2009 11:37 pm

Well we tried to do daycare for our 11month (7.5mo CA) and while he loved it, he became very ill one too many times. We have had one Apparent Life Threatening Event that landed us in Children's hospital overnight, and the latest is a severe upper resp. infection that has lasted 1 month, 2 ear infections, two rounds of antibiotics, abuterol nebulizer and most recently flovent nebulizer. Our pediatrician was so optimistic about Isaac's immunity, but the last month as proved us all wrong. We have to pull him out of daycare and limit his exposure this winter. We have found a great nanny that I think we will hire full time, but are disappointed that he won't get to see his friends from daycare. It was a really nice place and he developed so much from being around other children. I am sad for our little guy, but feel so much better knowing he won't be exposed to so many germs especially with the H1n1 lurking around. He has been too ill to get the vaccine and its not available anyway. I wonder if the pediatrician will want him to get Synagis again this winter now that he is on two nebulizer treatments.

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