Avatars - pictures under names

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Re : Avatars - pictures under names

Postby denise » Thu Aug 30, 2007 11:04 am

Things to think about if loading your own avatars:

-The photos show best when square.
-Crop the photo to show what is essential to you in the photo.
-Photos should be resized to approximately 40KB. (Size limit to 64x64 .gif or .jpg image file)
-Please input the correct Avatar image link URL.(prefix with http://) and also specify your own Avatar Name.

If you are having issues with loading your avatar or would like us to load it for you, please send an email to avatars@preeclampsia.org . Thank you.

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Avatars - pictures under names

Postby ileana » Fri Jul 14, 2006 09:27 pm

I figured the old avatar topic was pretty old, so I'll just start a new one. I addition, I have biiig news: you can now load your own avatar. Check your profiles for the new links. You will need a webpage where your picture is located. Have fun!

For those that do not have personal webpages, you can still send one to us, but it will take a bit to get them loaded: you can email the picture .jpg file to the email: avatars@preeclampsia.org . The pictures can be small (I will have to crop and resize them if not).

Make sure to include your forum nickname.

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