Assistance during bedrest

Are you worried about your partners pregnancy? Has your partner already had preeclampsia? Do you have advice for other dads who could be going through similar experiences as yourself? Post here!
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Re : Assistance during bedrest

Postby lucy » Wed Apr 20, 2005 05:10 pm

Your guys story sounds so familar to mine in so many ways its odd anyhow I missed alot of this being hosplized for all the time I was but just wanted to addm y congradulations dont be a stranger and keep us updated.

Lucy (18) -Mom to Sebanna Sarine born April 9 2005 at 37 wks following 3 1/2 wks of hosplization Diagnosed with pre-eclampsia again at 31 wks

Proud mommy to Sebastian Orpheus stillborn at 26 wks due to pre-eclampsia we will always love and never forget you beautiful baby boy!

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Re : Assistance during bedrest

Postby kdreher » Tue Apr 19, 2005 09:44 am

Oh my goodness I missed this entirely.......CONGRATULATIONS TO MOMMY AND DADDY!
I know that you have both been on one heck of a ride. Gianna is just beautiful.
I must say you did an awesome job of taking care of everyone and everything, I hope you know that. Again, my congrats to your family.

Kris (35) & Tom (35)
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My Angel - Tyler 3/9/95 to 3/23/95 (15 oz, 26 wks severe pe/HELLP)
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Re : Assistance during bedrest

Postby angelrenee » Tue Apr 19, 2005 08:06 am

I've been lurking a bit on this thread and I am so happy to see that you have your little girl now!! Congratulations, she's a beauty!

I wish your wife well in getting better quickly after this long haul.

I'm also intrugued by your job. I just turned down a contract position calling customers of one of the larger banks to make sure the software conversion process is working for them. My due date for this baby is right around the time the project is scheduled to end so I couldn't take the job. Wonder if it was the same bank. :)

Angel Renee'
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Re : Assistance during bedrest

Postby sweetiesuzy » Tue Apr 19, 2005 07:02 am

Just beautiful! Congratulations.

Huge hugs,

Aaryngston ~ 3/25/95
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Laura Elise ~ 7/19/04

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Re : Assistance during bedrest

Postby akemt » Mon Apr 18, 2005 09:14 pm

I've missed so much while I was (well, still am) away! I am so very, very happy for you and so glad that all has worked out well. I do hope they both make it home soon with no further complications for either mother or daughter. What a beauty Gianna is, by the way. You've both done so well - may you have years and years to enjoy this beauty together.

Catherine (23), Moderator
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Emma Margaret (03/02/03) 37 wks PIH & Oligo
Lara Julianne (07/31/04) 38 wks PIH & gallbladder fun

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Re : Assistance during bedrest

Postby sarab » Mon Apr 18, 2005 07:53 pm

Wahoo! Congratulations!!

What a ride your family has been through. I must say that they are so blessed to have such a wonderul, supportive husband and father. Way to go Dad!!

Sara, 24
Local Coordinator, Utah
Moderator, "After Your Baby is Born"

DH, Scott, 26
Maggie, 6/9/03, 29 weeks severe pe
Logan, 1/19/05, 32 weeks severe pe/partial HELLP

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Re : Assistance during bedrest

Postby jkaay » Sun Apr 17, 2005 08:12 pm

OMG...She is totally adorable! And I know she is joining a family who adore her!! Welcome to the world little Gianna!

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Re : Assistance during bedrest

Postby tommysmommy21004 » Sun Apr 17, 2005 08:09 pm

Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you and your wife. I'm glad everything went well with the birth and that your little girl didn't have to go into the NICU. She's so precious!!

Deanna Smith-Powers (30)

Mommy to Thomas James, b.2/10/04 @ 34 weeks due to severe pre-e and HELLP syndrome
Diagnosed with prothrombin genetic mutations-12/28/04

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Re : Assistance during bedrest

Postby raindrop » Sun Apr 17, 2005 08:07 pm

She is a cutie..... glad to know she and your wife are both healthy and got to go home..

Donna - 33
Richard - 33
Whitney Lynn Rochelle- 6-27-99 - (36 wks due to severe PE) 5lbs 2oz 18in long
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Re : Assistance during bedrest

Postby gordon k » Sun Apr 17, 2005 06:47 pm

Thanks for sharing her picture.

Your daughter is very cute (I'm sure that she has you wrapped around your finger already), and looks perfect.

Glad to hear that she went home, hopefully mother and daughter are growing healthier by the day.

Continued Prayers,

Gordon (38),
DW, Norlisa (35)
essential hypertension diagnosed before pregnancy, successfully treated with atenolol, NO preeclampsia antepartum. (post-partum preeclampsia)
Joseph/Josephine Our Angel in Heaven (9/16/02)
Twins Mary Frances and Samuel (a.k.a. Frankie and Sammy) 38 2/7 weeks, 5/26/03

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