A little bad news for Ethan

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Re : A little bad news for Ethan

Postby sarab » Wed Jun 23, 2004 10:51 am

Oh, Meg, I'm so sorry! That is such a stressful thing to have to worry about.

I do want to add that Maggie just failed her hearing test last week. It was the same test that Ethan had, where they send the sound in and then it's supposed to bounce back. The tech was like "Oh...well, she just failed in both ears. I'm sorry", and then just left! No further instructions, no mention of further testing, nothing! It was like "your child is deaf...good luck with that!". [}:)]

Well, Maggie is very obviously NOT deaf, but of course we were still worried -- that is such a scary thing. Thank goodness her regular ped visit was that same afternoon. The doc (who we just LOVE -- he is wonderful) said that a LOT of kids fail that test. He said that if there's any sort of fluid behind the ear, then it doesn't bounce the sound back the way it's supposed to. So if Ethan has had even a very mild ear infection or something that would cause fluid at all in his ear, then that could be why he failed. I am praying that that's the case for you guys.

Let us know how things go, and tell your sister that we're all praying for them!

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A little bad news for Ethan

Postby meg » Wed Jun 23, 2004 10:39 am

He has done so remarkably well with everything up to this point, we have all just been amazed. Even that he is alive is a miracle. But we got a bit of bad news.[:(] He failed his newborn hearing test 3 times in the hospital. But the docs said that wasnt all that uncommon when they are on O2 b/c event hat subtle sound can affect the test. So now that he is off O2 they sent him to an audiologist for testing. Here is a cut and paste of my sisters email b/c it explains it better than I could:

"Hi, everyone! The latest on Ethan is that we had an appt. with audiology at MUSC yesterday for a hearing test. According to the audiologist, the test she did was one that (through an earpiece) sends a series of click sounds into the ear and then listens for how the ear reacts. Both of Ethan's ears "failed" the test, which automatically means we go for a higher level of testing. The next test is called "auditory brain stem activation" or something like that. Anyway, it will be a more precise way to tell if there is really any problem with his hearing, and if so, to what degree, etc.

They asked us if he startles, if he reacts to loud sounds, etc and he definitely does. That is a good sign. The new test cannot be done until around the end of July, when they have an opening in the schedule. I will let you know once I have an exact date. ""

So if all you guys could send your super prayers our way again please! Also, if anyone had this experience or any info we would greatly appreciate it!

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