31 wk preemie w/ tummy distended/need help

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31 wk preemie w/ tummy distended/need help

Postby grandma » Wed Apr 28, 2004 09:26 pm

First, I am so grateful for this website. My daugh. gave birth (31 wk)4/22/04. She is still in hosp...severe Pre-e (maybe borderline HELLP),
bld pressure extremes now. Just when the hosp. got smart and brought in a Specialist for uncontrollable bld. pressure, our baby,Lucas, tonight develops distended tummy and gives up 1 1/4 cc bile. X-ray was taken (ok) , bld test...white cells good, 1 more bld test to come back. Lucas was born 3.7 lbs. , lost wt. and now back to 3.7 lbs. He's gone from 3cc formula to 15 cc breast milk through a tube.I worry because My daugh pumped when on Magnesium and nurses said it was ok..also pumped when on hi bld meds. and Zoloft for panic attacks.Could these meds have hurt Lucas? Does anyone have an idea of what his symptoms could indicate or any other info about breast milk w/ mother on these meds? Thanks, Marlene

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