Symptom Question

Have you suffered from HELLP syndrome or had a pregnancy complicated by an underlying disorder? Discuss your concerns here
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Symptom Question

Postby iansmom » Sun Jan 25, 2004 07:43 am

This has been on my mind, so until I see the Dr., I want your answers...

Did any of you develop HELLP symptoms before you had protein in your urine?

I had hideous swelling and BP throughout my 26 weeks with Ian, but as far as I know, no protein. I developed the liver pain before protein showed. Is this unusual or just the way it goes sometimes? I am 10 weeks away from the day I got sick with him. I am so thankful for the things I have, but I wish I could enjoy being pregnant for a long while!

By the way - I fell asleep without taking my procardia last night
[:(!] and my BP is a full 30 points higher (diastolic) than it has been in 3 weeks! That won't happen again.

Ian 12/26/01 - 26 weeks P/E & HELLP
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