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Have you suffered from HELLP syndrome or had a pregnancy complicated by an underlying disorder? Discuss your concerns here
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New here..

Postby jennifer » Sun Jan 25, 2004 05:24 pm

Hi there,
I was searching the net trying to get info on HELLP syndrome and I came across this forum. It's nice to see other people have gone through it. However, in my case I was only 24 weeks 6 days and my baby did not make it, he was not growing properly, he was only 10.8 ounces. :( This was on Dec. 12th. I got very sick, very quickly and even after delivery I did not get better right away, it was quite a horrible experience for me. I got very sick in a period of about 5 days, saw my doctor for a regular checkup on Tues, he found blood and protein in my urine, and was treating me for a bladder infection! By that Friday I was extremely ill, and they did blood work, and found out I had HELLP syndrome and was rushed to the hospital to have an emergency c-section and my baby boy Lucas did not survive because his lungs where not developed enough. I suffered severe preclampsia and severe hypertension and from this I had bilateral retinal detachment and everything was extremely blurry and I couldnt see. Just in recent weeks has it gone back to almost normal, except I do have two hemorrages in my left eye that are causing blurry flashes. The opthamologist I've seen is not sure if this is a new problem or not. It has been a traumatic experience for me and I really have felt like no one around me understands how bad it was, because most people don't even know what HELLP syndrome is. I'm still struggling to understand all of it.

This past week I went for a follow-up with my doctor and the blood tests they ran while I was in the hospital showed a couple of problems and now I have been worried because I do not understand them and am not finding any info online about it. My Dr. said the blood tests showed I have lupus anticoagulant. He stressed that this is a major concern for if I ever get pregnant again and also if I ever have surgery. However, I left my visit that day very worried about this condition and I am finding I do not understand it or know what it means. And like I said, I'm finding very little information about this on the internet. Do any of you know or understand this? He told me that is what caused me to have the HELLP syndrome, and most likely would again if I get pregnant again. So of course I am very scared of ever trying again to have a baby, and especially because of the outcome of this one as it was. I have never had any health problems in my life and this one has been pretty traumatic for me.

Most of what I've read on this board is that the babies survived through it for a lot of you, and that is a miracle. I wish those of you who are pregnant again luck and I hope all goes well.

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