OFF Aldomet--due to side effects--scared

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Re : OFF Aldomet--due to side effects--scared

Postby suzanne » Sun Feb 15, 2004 04:09 pm

Hi, all! Here is the latest---Friday night all night I had bad headaches. I knew I should get up and take my BP but just didn't feel like getting up and really wasn't ready for bad news. But Sat. AM I did, and it was 135/105. So in again to the urgent care I went, and there of course it was again down, about 115/78, but luckily the dr. I got took the time to read my OBs note and other stuff and knew that I did need some medication. So they put me on Labetalol. I was surprised as that is not what my dr. had said on the phone Friday, she had said the other one that starts with At..(I can't remember the full name!) but had written Labetalol in her note. So that is what I am taking. It is bringing down my BP but ONCE AGAIN I am so so tired. I slept a lot of today. I guess it's a alpha and beta blocker---I am scared of the alpha part as that is what the Aldomet is!

Suzanna, I read in the other post you hadn't started the Labetalol yet as you didn't want to feel awful quite again! I can sure relate! I wish there was a BP drug that would not have ANY side effects. I just sometimes feel so envious of my friends that have "normal" pregnancies. My best friend has 4 kids and breezed through every one of her pregnancies. She tries to understand, but just doesn't. She thinks I am being very negative, am not excited about the baby, all that. I'm glad you guys understand!!!

Have a great rest of the weekend!

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Re : OFF Aldomet--due to side effects--scared

Postby 3preemiekidz » Sat Feb 14, 2004 12:08 am

Have you talked to your Dr. about other medications? They put me on Aldoment with my last pregnancy and I had such severe headaches that they stopped it. They put me on Labetelol which is what I'm on with this pregnancy. I would talk to your Dr. about other medications.

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Re : OFF Aldomet--due to side effects--scared

Postby suzanne » Fri Feb 13, 2004 01:47 pm

Suzanna, that really is something how similarly things are going for us! Must be the similar names...! Your symptoms were EXACTLY like mine except the fever part. That weird dizziness until almost fainting, the tiredness that's almost too much to describe, all that. I am SO GLAD you aren't taking Aldomet anymore either. I know so many people do really well on it, but I guess not all! My OB is going to hold off on another med. until next Friday unless I really get bad, just to make sure I am okay. Then she will probably give me the other A named one I can't think of the name of! It's great you feel better. I am feeling SO much better too. Still worn out just from being so sick, but a lot better. My BP today was 115/81, so up just a little and I sure it will keep going up, but hopefully slowly.

Sandy, that's interesting you remember something about white blood cells being low too! All the medical people I have talked to says it's very rare, but I wonder? It's too bad the Labetelol worsened your asthma. It sure is a balancing act getting the right one. It's just scary we have to do it always worrying about 2 lives and not just one!

Hope all have a great and healthy long weekend!

Suzanne (37) and DH Tony (41) + William (9, severe PE, born at 32 weeks) and Freddy (6, fairly typical pregnancy) and Baby (due approx. 8/26/04!)

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Re : OFF Aldomet--due to side effects--scared

Postby sweetiesuzy » Thu Feb 12, 2004 10:45 am

I am glad that you are off that awful drug. It is too weird because I was feeling horrible yesterday and called my OB to run how I was feeling across him. Like you I have had extreme fatigue - dizziness to the point of almost passing out, headaches all the time and nausea. I felt like I had the flu. I did not however develop the temp like you. So to make a long story short they took my off the aldomet and put me on labetalol - which I took while I was pregnant with Sam. Thing is - I haven't started taking it yet. I feel wonderful today. It is like a dark cloud has lifted. I am not sure if I will start the new med yet. I am going to monitor my bp over the next few days and go from there.
I really hope you are feeling better. It is interesting how we are experiencing things in such parallel! Good 'ol blood pressure YUCK!

Keep me posted.

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Re : OFF Aldomet--due to side effects--scared

Postby sandy » Thu Feb 12, 2004 07:51 am

Hi, sorry to hear you're going through this. And, yes, great that your baby is doing okay in there. I started out on the Aldomet (chronic hbp) and eventually it became ineffective, even at the highest dose. Funny; I do remember hearing reports of a similar white blood count but the nurses just said that "that happens sometimes for no unspecified reason", and I remember I was concerned that there could be something really wrong and I wanted them to look further, but I just gave up. Might have been that Aldomet!!

Back to you. So, then they tried me on Labetelol. Unfortunately, I have asthma, and if you have asthma, that's not the med for you because it can make your asthma worse (which it did immediately for me). I was frustrated that my doctor didn't realize this before prescribing, like you, I now do a little research of my own before I start any new meds.

As I said, back to you. ;) So, then we settled on the other med Evansmom's not in front of me, the "N" one; the other name for it that I remember is "Procardia". I stayed with that until I developed severe PE and had to be delivered...but it got me to 35 weeks and 1 day.

Please let us know what has been decided about your meds and how you're doing!
:) Sandy.

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Re : OFF Aldomet--due to side effects--scared

Postby evansmom » Thu Feb 12, 2004 05:58 am

I'm so sorry to hear about your experience with the Aldomet! The good news is there are other drugs that can be given safely while pregnant (My doc mentioned nifedipine and labetolol in particular). I'm sure your doctor will try something else if necessary. Glad to hear the baby's ok -- and feel better!!

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Re : OFF Aldomet--due to side effects--scared

Postby julie f » Wed Feb 11, 2004 08:37 pm

Oh gosh, go figure that you get to experience the side-effects that are rare...[:(!] I'm really sorry. Are they going to see you again soon to check your labs again?

Great news that the baby is doing well! And, good for you for checking your symptoms against the medicine instead of simply taking their word for it. (Not meant to imply that doctors shouldn't be trusted though!)

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OFF Aldomet--due to side effects--scared

Postby suzanne » Wed Feb 11, 2004 03:56 pm

Well, it's been an interesting past day. I had been feeling EXTREMELY tired for days, and last night finally had the notion to take my temp---it was 102. So I went to the urgent care unit. By then it was up to 104, and my blood count showed low white blood cells. They sent me to the hospital after telling me they thought it may be due to the Aldomet---low white count was listed as a potential side effect. I had many many blood tests at the hospital, most of which still are pending, but one came back, showing somewhat impaired liver function. They wanted to admit me, but there were no beds---they offered to have me stay all night in the triage but I opted to go home and sleep.

What upsets me somehow is the doctor at the hospital, and the doctor today at my regular OB office (not my regular doctor) both at first were resistant to stopping the aldomet---because they were not aware of some of the side effects. The doctor at the hospital said she had been giving aldomet for 30 years and felt it had almost no side effects. I looked at the Merck web site today and saw that I had 3 different side effects which they said would call for stopping it---low white count, unexplained fever and tests showing liver function problems. They are quite rare effects, and I don't really fault the doctors for not knowing them by heart, but it's sort of scary to think if I hadn't been told by one doctor one of the effects and also done some research, I might have continued taking it.

Now I am worried about if and when my BP will go back up. I am pretty sure it will, but they didn't put me on anything else yet until all this is sorted out.

Sorry this is a bit long, but just feeling quite scared and wanted to share a little. The baby is doing well per an ultrasound today and last night---moving like crazy. I love him/her so much already that it makes all this all the more scary. Thanks to all for listening.

Suzanne (37) and DH Tony (41) + William (9, severe PE, born at 32 weeks) and Freddy (6, fairly typical pregnancy) and Baby (due approx. 8/26/04!)

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