preemies and hypothyroidism??

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Re : preemies and hypothyroidism??

Postby deerhart » Tue Jun 22, 2004 09:01 am

Actually, estimates show that currently at least 25% of Americans have hypothyroidism and that 60-70% of Americans exhibit symptomns of hypothyroidism that would be corrected by hormone replacement drugs.

From the infomration I have seen on children (only in passing) some kids can be born with thyroid problems inherited from their parents, some it just takes awhile to jump start the glands to work and they grow out of it.

Since your son is exhibiting it at birth, it may be a sign of something heriditary and it may be worthwhile for you and his father to have your thyroid tested. If yours is abnormal, you hsould be restested 3-6 months later because there are thyroid problems PP that can resolve itself within 6 months.

As a person who is on medication for the rest of my life, its really not that bad. I take asthma meds every day and will probably be adding thyrpid medication at the end of the week (unless by some miricle my thyroid corrected itself). It is by far better to take the meds then to deal with the symptomns and problems the conditions cause.

Also, when you go ask specifically what his numbers for each were and what the range was. Some labs run to large of a range, and only a few have lowered their range to the new reccommended numbers, which for an adult is .3-3. TO give you an example, I had a thyroid test done in Feb and the range was .4-4 and I was a 5.39, I had another run Friday and should have the results this week.

Finally, if he is hypothyroid you do want to treat it. If it gets bad enough there can be serious problems like comas (but its extremely rare). ALso, hypothyroidism causes your cholesteral to be artifically elevated as well which can contribute to heart disease.

Preemies are amazing things, and it can take them awhile to get everything straight once they are born and get all those organs and glands up and running. Jaundice is so common in them because the kidneys are fussy and not wanting to work full force and it wouldn't suprise me if the thyroid needs a kick start as well. Depending on his numbers and if they are dropping they may continue to retest him.

I know it sucks to have the blood drawn etc.. the state of MO requires all babies born here to send in blood tests to the state and well the state accidently contaminated his test with some other babies test and we had to do them all over again, the only good thing about it was we could do it with his jaundice retest..


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preemies and hypothyroidism??

Postby rberhow » Mon Jun 21, 2004 02:48 pm

Hi ladies. I hope you don't mind me asking a question. I have been reading your forum throughout my pg as we were pretty unsure if we would deliver full-term with my PIH/PE so I have been soaking up all your wonderful information. OK, so here's my question. On June 10th, I gave birth to my beautiful son. He was born at 36 weeks but was showing more like 34 weeks on his development. Anyways, I'm not even sure if he is considered a preemie or not? Well, he has done super since his very traumatic birth. Spent no time on oxygen or in the NICU and came home with us the very next day. Well, today I get a call from the doctor's office saying his PKU came back showing him to be mildly hypothyroid. The nurse didn't have the numbers. Anyways, I took him in and they ran a TSH and a free T4 and we will know those results on Wednesday when I go see the doctor. My question is, while I have now been researching this, they say some preemies will show mild hypothyroidism in the beginning but grow out of it and I'm wondering if any of you have any experience with this? I feel so horrible 'cause my poor lbb has been through so much with this pg and I can't stand the thought of him having to be on medicine for the rest of his life. If any of you have any experience or knowledge about any of this, I would sure love to hear it. I am so worried and my pp hormones are raging like crazy so that doesn't help. Thank you all so much in advance.

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