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Have you suffered from HELLP syndrome or had a pregnancy complicated by an underlying disorder? Discuss your concerns here
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Postby amanda snow » Sat Feb 07, 2004 01:08 am

Dear All
I hope I am writing this in the right place. Never done this before, however, I did ask a ? to the experts...upon reading all the chats, I am now convinced my OB was right, and I really did have HELLP my last two pregnancies, the last being with fraternal twins. I also believe I had another disorder...don.t know how to spell it, but chollistasis????itchyness,gallbladder thing, turned my twins amniotic fluid almost black. As you can see, I'm not extremely medical, it's not that I wasn't willing to find out from the's just that I'm not sure they really knew much about it.
Obviously Australian Drs are not as up with the info as yours.

I am now thinking that my first pregnancy was HELLP as well, though obviously not tested for it as it was 13 years ago...but went to 40 weeks with continuing high eventuallty got to something obscurely over the top...240/160 or 180...the whites of my eyes were blood red and I was burning head felt like it was about to explode.
I'm still angry about what happened and I can't believe they made me go naturally. The lucky part was ythat Jess is a beautiful healthy fiesty teenager.. Yes, I did suffer from hogh BP for about 18 months after her birth and I did develop sight problems after her pregnancy...this might be coincidental.. but now I think not!

Second pregnancy I had high BP and was induced at 38 weeks. Cameron is now a fabulous 10 year problems after him.

Sorry I'm waffling, but it's great to just write about can stop reading if you like.

Next pregnancy I had gestational diab. and high bp. Induced at 38 weeks and suffered with PND after him. Lachlan also had chronic asthma from about the age of two weeks. Not diagnosed till he was 18 months!!!

He is now healthy and fabulous too!

Fourth pregnancy was a nightmare in the end. At about 33 weeks developed high liver levels...about 400. The drs as I have said didn't know much, or the right answer anyway, I'm sure they knew lots!. But needless to say I was a pin cushion sometimes having bloods taken every half hour. I had a liver biopsy which I thought I was going to die..I had ultrasounds of liver, gallbladderetc I even had a gastro Dr come and smell my breath morning and night( of course I always cleaned my teeth before he came). As I said...a nightmare. I'm sure everyone knows the routine, but I had a suicidal itch too,the other disease I was talking about.
Long story, but Connor was induced at 34.5 weeks as my two liver funtion levels were up to 2000 (I believe that is quite high)I didn't really know anything else.He spent 10 days in NICU.
He is my angel.

A Dr told me after the event that I had had HELLP. No big deal made about it. I can't even remember much done to me, except a liver test, which on last accounts was 400ish.

The next pregnancy was a surprise...with twins. Same old story, but in hospital getting closely monitoredfrom 28 half weeks. I did have major pain and thought I was going into labour at 28 weeks.Went to hosp. and was in del. suite. Sent me home telling me to get used to it as It's my 5th preg. and it's twins. Two days later I was in hosp as the bloodtest showed high liver levels.

They let it get to the stage where my liver levels were about 1000, slightly lower platelets, and only slight BP, I didn't really take notice of these as I knew not much about HELLP.

Maddie and Jacob were born at almost 30 weeks, spent 5 weeks in NICU..were home for three weeks. then we nearly lost them both as they developed RSV bronch. To all those mums with premmies from so careful about letting people near your little ones. A little snuffle in a visitor nearly killed my babies. They were on life support for two weeks and in hosp. for two more weeks. We had to say goodbye to them too many times. But this has a great ending. They survived and are our precious miracles.Mind you. I now suffer from severs panic attacks thinking one of my children will die.Can't get over what happened and don't really want anyone to know how I see a mum of 6 needs to be a supermum!!!

So, I have 6 gorgeous babies. three with HELLP and other various yukky things.After reading so many stories i believe thet I am soooo lucky.
Thankyou for reading my story if you have lasted this long.
Mandy Mum of 6

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