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Are you part of the NICU club? Do you have a child who is still struggling with the effects of being born too soon from preeclampsia? Share your concerns and stories here among parents who have been there.
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Re : need advice

Postby angelical » Tue Feb 17, 2004 02:58 pm

Hi, the other ladies answered your questions. I just wanted to say Hi & Welcome to our forum.

Good luck with everything with your baby, and feel free to post any questions or comments.

Take care!

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Re : need advice

Postby aimeejane » Mon Feb 16, 2004 01:44 pm

Hi Lynn,
Erin's answered your questions, but I wanted to welcome you.

Nicky's weight - yep, there was a definite slow down. He didn't hit 20 pounds until he was about 18 months old. In the past year, he's gained about one or two pounds. (He's almost 4.)

Nicky also had an inguinal hernia, so that had an effect on his testicals descending. My ped says any time up to a year (adjusted) is normal.

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Re : need advice

Postby deerhart » Mon Feb 16, 2004 10:32 am

Hi Lynn and welcome to the group.

It is fairly normal for children's growth to slow down somwhere between 7-12 months. This usually coressponds with increased movement (crawling/walking). Has your son started sitting up or scooting around? There may also be a change if his feeding habits have changed (going from fat rich formula/milk to baby food).

As for the testicles my first sons came in right away, but my second son's did not drop until he was about 6 months old. But he also had 2 groin hernias as well. I know they told us it can take up to a year for them to descend etc..

Once again Welcome

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need advice

Postby lynn » Sun Feb 15, 2004 12:44 am


I am new here and I am looking for some advice.

My son was born in April. He was a 27 weeker, I had pre-eclampsia and hellp syndrome as I know many of you have had.

I have a double question, first of all my son is 10 months now (corrected age 7 months) he weighs about 14.5 and is 25 inches long. I am worried because he did not have much weight gain in the past month and I really got used to him gaining about 1lb. a month. My Dr. says not to worry and we should keep an eye on it. Did any of you see a slow down in growth at a certain age??

My second question is about his testicles, we are going to a urologist next week for a visit, it seems as if the little buggers are hiding (not missing I hope) I know this is common with boys both full term and preemie, did any of you have this to deal with as well??

Any advice or help would be great, I hate to be so worried all of the time.


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