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My turn... From a parent to a doctor

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Re : My turn... From a parent to a doctor

Postby angelkat » Thu Jul 15, 2004 01:51 pm

by angelkat (3423 Posts), Thu Jul 15, 2004 01:51 pm

I love the parent panel forums they have at our Children's Hospital... It really means alot when a parent is asked to come back to speak to the resident on how they can improve on the family centered care. Basically, it means the parents (when there) do all the diaper changes, temps, feeds (even if they have feeding tubes - get the BM or Formula warm and ready) baths, and anything else their child needs. I have been on many of the parents panels one even while we were there about how much should a family do or training the parents to do the simple things. It really makes the parents a part of the medical team when they can do so many things for their own child.

One of the nurses had my husband so trained that he would get everything done (temp,feed ready, diaper changed and weighed) and always joked how he was going to go to nursing school because he was trainned to do the job! (of course, he was kidding!!!)

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