Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Postby mada » Wed May 12, 2004 06:45 am

Oh I am so happy for you!! This is such great news!! Hope the diabites stays okay doll!! Here's to big chubby TERM baby!!!!

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Postby pugmommy7 » Wed May 12, 2004 06:27 am

I feel like each day is a blessing and that "everything is gonna be ok now" I know that is unrealistic- I mean anything can happen, but I do feel a sense of relief.

The only scary issue now is the diabetes.
I got some really freaky #'s recently, but I decided to take best 2 out of 3 with the results and continue on the current course of treatment/insulin.
(It only seems to occur during the night. My fasting rate.)

I am kinda axious about every little ache/pain,But I feel reassured.
I never felt so much"baby" last time.
During (Bella's)nst's they would lose her trace every 5 minutes, now she(Catalina) is on all the time, I don't think there is so much swimming room.

To think that in 3 weeks I will/could, have a baby considered full term!!!WHOO-HOO!

I didn't do anything differently.
Except I followed the ADA gestational diabetes diet, and slowly lost 20 pounds. *I think in my heart of hearts that really helped.

Lots of testing.(blood/nst's/afi's/labs/4wk Level II's)
I went through a full screening for blood/clotting disorders, (and after more than a month of waiting.....) I came up clean (negative).

Hang in there Tahoe, keep us posted!!!

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Postby tahoe4 » Tue May 11, 2004 08:50 am

Wow! So this is the day for you too! So strange that so many things about our stories are so similar...

I'm sure you're just as "anxious" about every little ache/pain you have like I am. I was just noticing swelling in my feet a little more than usual last night, although my DH doesn't see it. Hard to tell if I'm over-reacting or overly cautious or what.

Good luck to you!

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Postby catherine » Tue May 11, 2004 08:44 am

I guess people just don't get it..... when I went for my 33 week U/S with Lucy the tech estimated her weight as 4 lbs 12 oz. My OB was pretty pleased and said that I'd have a nice little 61/2- 7 lb baby at term. I cracked up laughing and they didn't understand a bit. My son was born at 36 weeks at 4 lb 15 oz and as far as I was concerned, I was now into injury time.... I'd pushed out a tennis ball last time around, I wasn't looking forward to a watermelon!!

Obviously, things didn't quite work out as planned, but it is so good to get past the size or date milestone. Congratulations.

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Postby sonja » Tue May 11, 2004 08:38 am

Unless you go through it you have no idea! Congrats on being so healthy! Any names picked out for this little one yet?? We are having a little girl on 6-7 (that is her induction date) - we are considering Amelia for her name.


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Postby angelkat » Tue May 11, 2004 08:22 am

CONGRATS!!!!.... Sometimes, I wish doctor would be in our shoes for a min. Then yes, they would be happy. You have every reason to celebrate and be happy.

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Postby pugmommy7 » Tue May 11, 2004 08:18 am

Ok, here I am at 33 5/7th's.
I am pre-e symptom free at this point.
The baby is approx 4.5 pounds.(accd'ing to U/S)

I mentioned this to my OB yestrady at the afi, and he said:
"you aren't really paying attention to that are you??"

I responded "oh yes I am!, it was the most traumatic thing to have ever happened to me in my life. To be this well right now, and to be able to enjoy this part of pregnancy is wonderful, I feel like a 1st timer!"
He smiled and checked things out and said all looked well.

(Human nature would never allow me to just blow this off?????
His tome was not rude at all, he wanted me to be chilled out- I think.)

After my thursday 34 week appt, I will be soooo happy!


Mama to Bella,1/02/03, born 33 and 5/7 weeks at 3 lbs,6oz.Pre-E,& borderline HELLP.
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