Why we do this

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Why we do this

Postby annegarrett » Tue Jan 13, 2004 03:33 pm

One of our members once asked me how I dealt with the fact that basically, my life, via the PF, is an open book. The reality is that in 1996, I basically had a near-death experience and I gave up trying to please people and for the most part worrying about what they think. I realized how short life is, how very precious time is, that today is the best day to tell people how much you love them and appreciate them. I realized that holding onto things that did not matter--like grudges, or expectations, or anger only hurt me and only slowed me down. It is amazing really because the last few years have been some of the hardest of my life--but the things that keep me sane and focused--are my family, my friends, this work and the pure and essential knowledge that this is what I have to do.

Since 1996, many things have changed: my marriage ended, my mother died, my oldest son went away to school, and in the next few months I will move. So, I can't explain it--I feel more blessed now than ever before. I know so few things (frankly less and less for sure all the time) I have to do this work--this is what I was called to do. Many of you feel the same way. I know you because you write me and say--I have to do something, what can I do, tell me what to do, where can I help. We do this--because someone has to--because we nearly died, our babies died, our sister died, a wife died, our babies are far too small and fragile, or a friend died--someone who should have been celebrating the most precious time of their lives found only tears and emptiness. What we can do is answer the call that tugs inside our heart is to do everything in our power to keep the work going.

Right now--the thing you can do is support our work to keep our doors open and our phone hooked up. I know I ask all the time--and you know--I will keep asking--because we need to keep going and we need money to keep it going. Please donate to the Preeclampsia Foundation. Your donation is all that counts. Give in memory of your baby, give in honor of your survival, give so that someday--we won't have to worry when our daughters tell us they are pregnant. I can't quit until this work is done--and trust me--I would LOVE to retire. So do what you can--do something. In the meantime--remember how short life is, how very precious time is, and that today is the best day to tell people how much you love them and appreciate them.


Anne Garrett
Executive Director
Preeclampsia Foundation

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