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Help tests

Postby tgenco » Mon Nov 03, 2003 10:02 am

I was wondering what the standard tests were for HELP syndrome? I went to the ob last week with pain under right ribs, nausea and headache, and he sent me for an ultra sound of gallbladder and liver. Liver was normal ( some cysts that were there before) but the gall bladder had "sludge" in it. I had been up 2 nights with severe right rib pain but it is gone now.

The reason I have become so nervous about these symptoms, I have a friend who sees my ob and they contacted her last week saying her liver tests were abnormal, it was serious and she needed to see a liver specialist, and she should have a clotting test done. On Friday she went into labor and when she arrived at the hospital the baby was dead. I cant help feeling if she had this test come positive she should have had an immediate section. And, having the same ob is he taking my pains seriousely? I see him tomorrow and am going to request the bloodwork, I just dont know what to ask for. Is your liver always enlarged with help?

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