Leadership Training Conference

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Leadership Training Conference

Postby ileana » Thu Jun 15, 2006 10:15 pm

WHERE: Indianapolis, IN

This year, the Preeclampsia Foundation meeting will focus on leadership training.

The Preeclampsia Foundation has experienced unprecedented growth in the last year. The group’s financial picture is looking better than it ever has in the history of the organization. We want to get together to discuss how to help move the organization to the next level.

The conference will have three themes:

1. Dr. Thomas Easterling, Chairman of the Foundation’s medical board and one of the leading experts in the Preeclampsia field will be presenting “Preeclampsia 101” as well as bring us up to date on recent research and progress towards understanding the nature of the disease and prospects for early detection, treatment, and ultimately, a cure. As we are all interacting with people who are experiencing the effects of Preeclampsia, it is important to have an accurate, up-to-date picture of the disease.

2. Each conference attendee will be given an opportunity to gain the skills needed in order to act effectively for this cause in their local communities. A seminar about how to talk to people dealing with the disease from a leading grief and loss counselor will be offered. We will also discuss how to organize fund raising activities and gain media exposure.

3. We would like to gather ideas from you about how to improve the Preeclampsia Foundation’s efforts to best serve its members and reach out to caregivers and sufferers of the disease.

A detailed agenda and brochure that you can print out and reproduce to publicize the conference can be found at: http://www.preeclampsia.org/PFConferenc ... re2006.pdf

We’d like to have a large turnout so we urge you to attend and share your ideas as well as learn about more ways to help. We would especially like to invite all group moderators and local group leaders. Although this is only a 1-day conference on Saturday July 22nd from 8AM-5PM, we will be hosting informal gatherings for attendees both Friday and Saturday evenings as well as on Sunday if there is enough interest.

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