Stats for HELLP reoccurance after twins?

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Re : Stats for HELLP reoccurance after twins?

Postby youtan » Mon Jul 01, 637652 8:37 am

Wish I could help. Somewhere I have a document that my peri gave me which details (in his opinion, I suppose), what percentage risk you get for underlying disorders, history of pe, twins, etc. Unfortunately, I don't have this paper with me. Anyway, he gave me a 70% chance of PE reoccurance (5-10% HELLP reoccurance) given my background, a singleton pregnancy, no underlying disorders, and family PE history (my Mom had eclampsia), and possible CHT. Although my PE was mild the 2nd time, I'm pretty sure that if I'd gone longer (if I hadn't been monitors) things would have progressed into the nasty again.

But, remember that stats are just that - numbers based on data thats been gathered. No one can really know. Have you been through the stats with your doc?

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Re : Stats for HELLP reoccurance after twins?

Postby pmtt » Mon Jul 01, 637652 7:55 am

I don't know about stats, but I delivered my girls at 33w2 days due to PE and so far this pregnancy (37w1d) I have no sign of PE whatsoever!!

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Re : Stats for HELLP reoccurance after twins?

Postby missgamecock » Sat Apr 02, 637650 6:38 am

I think hellp, there are two studies. One puts it at 5% for any pregnancy and another puts it between 19-27%. Correct me if I am wrong guys. I had Kirsten at 36 weeks and was told my risk of reoccurance was 40-60%. After Sara, my ob put it at 25%. But now that may have changed because I have a CHT diagnosis now, so I think my risk for it just went back up.

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Re : Stats for HELLP reoccurance after twins?

Postby fiona » Sat Apr 02, 637650 4:17 am


haven't gotten anywhere on the twins question, but on the underlying disorder, you might want to check out Laura and Catherine's responses on this thread:

In a nutshell, it seems like if you do have an underlying disorder, then chances are, it's going to have some impact on a subsequent pregnancy. As to whether it would be different under a singleton, I can only assume that if the placenta isn't having to support two babies, it stands a better chance - but that's guesswork, not fact, and I'm happy to stand corrected should anyone have proper info.

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Stats for HELLP reoccurance after twins?

Postby mama2twins » Fri Apr 01, 637650 10:59 pm

I have seen the info regarding the chances of developing PE and HELLP in subsequent pregnancies, but does anyone know of any stats regarding if these conditions happened when carrying twins and then the second pregnancy was a singleton?
Does have an underlying disorder change the stats(60% if before 28 weeks for PE and 5% for HELLP) I read? Or are these stats only for when the cause of PE/HELLP is unknown.

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