A Walk to Remember in NJ

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A Walk to Remember in NJ

Postby ileana » Sat Dec 29, 637674 3:26 pm

On October 7, 2006 in Edison, NJ.

More info at


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Re : A Walk to Remember in NJ

Postby jacobdaniel » Wed Jan 23, 637675 12:27 pm

Does anyone have an idea (approximate) how many couples might be there? About how many were there last year? I found these cute little trinkets I wanted to give out so that's why an approximate number would be helpful. Thanks...........Michelle[:)]

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Re : A Walk to Remember in NJ

Postby jenndola » Thu Jan 24, 637675 3:10 am

Michelle, if you contact the walk coordinators they'll probably be able to let you know. I got their e-mail from the registration form: ShapiroJPS@aol.com

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Re : A Walk to Remember in NJ

Postby belle8600 » Thu Mar 21, 637675 5:38 pm

i would love to join you all on this Walk to Remeber. I hope it is not too latre. i lost my daughter Isabella Rose on August 26 due to pre-e and hellp. i think it would be good for my husband and i to get out and do this for our daughter. i emailed the person on the website and hope it is not too late to get my daughters name on the shirt and register.

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