Generic Formula?

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Re : Generic Formula?

Postby holliadrienne » Sat Apr 14, 637973 10:48 am

i just this week switched my son who has been on Enfamil Gentlease Lipil since he was 2 weeks old to the Parent's Choice (Walmart) version of the same formula...he doesn't seem to notice a difference, and it is $10 a can cheaper...wish I would have been brave enough to switch sooner!

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Re : Generic Formula?

Postby katevans » Sat Dec 30, 637972 10:45 pm

Thnaks everyone for your input. I bought a can of the Tar**t brand. We will see how he likes it. I do feel comfortable now after reading the side of the can, and could not see anything different with the ingredients.

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Re : Generic Formula?

Postby cara » Wed Dec 20, 637972 12:44 am

I use the WM brand for Enfamil Lipil and it's a little darker than the Similac but there is no other difference that I could see. While I understand it's what's best for the baby that counts, if you are not on a specific formula for a reason (i.e, Grant had to have special high cal formula) the generic has to meet the same FDA requirements as name brands. And they do the comparison right on the side of the can for you.

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Re : Generic Formula?

Postby michellelhuston » Tue Dec 19, 637972 8:27 am

I am not experienced with trying any brands, but I did read in a magazine article that by law all formula (as well as any food) has to meet a nutrition standard. So, if it was not good for baby it would not be sold!

mel h.
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Re : Generic Formula?

Postby mel h. » Thu Dec 07, 637972 5:05 pm

Ben's on the Sam's brand (Member's Mark) and has done great with it. It's comparable to Enfamil Lipil and the only difference I've noticed is that it's not as fine of a powder as Enfamil and doesn't mix up as easily, so we just stir it with a spoon in the bottle to get it to combine. We've used Similac Advance and Enfamil Lipil samples and the Sam's brand and he's done fine with them all. Sam's makes a soy formula too.

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Re : Generic Formula?

Postby mommy1st » Sat Nov 04, 637972 1:35 pm

we didn't use the target brand but I did have a friend who used and said that there really wasn't any difference. I guess it likes us when we buy coca cola or the safeway brand of it.
Call your ped. though to be on the safe side, good luck!!

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Re : Generic Formula?

Postby aundapenner » Sat Nov 04, 637972 11:14 am

I just want to pop my head in here and second Avery Ann's mom about breastfeeding and keeping your supply up ... supplementing can decrease your supply.

When Henry was first born and came home, the NICU doctor recommended I supplement breastfeeding with a high calorie formula. She said it wasn't required, but would certainly help him gain weight. For me, it has always been about what is best for the baby, not my personal wants/needs. So, we supplemented.

Our feeding schedule was this (and carefully documented in a notebook for the first 2 months he was home): I'd nurse one side, then the other, noting how long and of course, keeping him awake. Then, he'd get a bottle of pumped breast milk (usually given by DH), then I'd pump. When we would wake him up in the middle of the night (becuase little did we know that one day we'd be praying for him to sleep so well again!!) he'd get his formula bottle.

It was very very exhausting to keep my supply up. Breastfeeding alone is tough. Add to that pumping every time, along with his colic and reflux and oh yeah, his dairy allergy. (Thanks to the formula, we discovered that. He started vomiting the formula, which at the time I didn't realize was his allergy.) It was then and there that DH and I agreed we were done supplementing. I received a lot of emotional support from the lactation consultants here to trust my body. Now, the doctors ... well, they weren't / aren't pro-bfeeding. But that's another story ...

DS is nearly 10 months old now and still a boob man.

Just sharing my experiences.

Good luck!!!


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Re : Generic Formula?

Postby heather j » Sat Nov 04, 637972 8:58 am

Hey Cathy. We used Isomil with DS (which was miraculously $14 for the first 6 months we were buying it - I've NEVER seen it that low since...I was buying 3 cans at a time). Anyway, after the price bumped back up, T@rg*t came out with a generic for Isomil. DS was about 9/10 months old then, and we asked the ped. He said since he was an "older" baby, it would be fine but he wouldn't have wanted us to use it for a younger baby. I'm not sure why he said this, we didn't ask. We did use the generic and liked it fine. It had essentially the same ingrediants in the same amounts. We also didn't have problems with it, but like Denise, noticed it was darker in color. I'd put a quick call in to the ped to see what s/he thinks, though!

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Re : Generic Formula?

Postby kara » Sat Nov 04, 637972 8:25 am

Sorry that I can't help you on formula brands...I really don't know. Our DD has to have prescription formula due to an allergy. The one thing I wanted to mention is that if you supplement formula with breast milk, your supply may become even less. This may or may not matter to it is a very personal decision. I too had a really low supply...mostly because DD wasn't big enough to breastfeed and I had to pump like a maniac (which wasn't the most effective). And I would never suggest you go against doctors orders (especially if baby is loosing weight), but if you want to keep breastfeeding, you might talk to a lactation consultant (there are many who consult for free) about ways to increase your you don't have to supplement for too long. Or if you're ready to wean, or prefer to go more toward formula...then no need to worry about supplementing with the formula. I just know that some doctors are not exactly pro-breastfeeding, and aren't very helpful in supporting moms who want to breastfeed. It's obviously a very personal decision, but if you'd like more support to continue breastfeeding, you might contact a local breastfeeding support group. Our pedi was very pro-breastfeeding, but did nothing to help support us. I was very upset when my supply started diminishing...but shortly after, she became allergic to dairy and soy, so it wouldn't have made much of a difference for us anyway.

Wishing you good luck!!

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Re : Generic Formula?

Postby denise » Mon Oct 23, 637972 8:34 pm

We've been using Enfamil Gentlease with Phoenix and just switched to the Target brand. I wanted to wait a bit due to his reflux, but he's been on it for a week now and is having no problems. I sat there with the cans and compared them and they are VERY similar. The only thing I noticed is that the formula is more yellow in color and it leaves this powderey film on the bottle. The savings is dramatic at almost $10! That adds up over time.

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