Come help with a PF fundraiser in Florida!!!

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Re : Come help with a PF fundraiser in Florida!!!

Postby nicoleharrison » Mon Jun 19, 2006 08:44 pm

Thanks Ali-- wish I could have been there!

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julie f
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Re : Come help with a PF fundraiser in Florida!!!

Postby julie f » Mon Jun 19, 2006 11:32 pm

Way to go Alli!!!!!!!! That is awesome!

Thank you so much!!!

rachel a
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Re : Come help with a PF fundraiser in Florida!!!

Postby rachel a » Tue Jun 20, 2006 10:52 am


Way to go girl! I'm so proud of all that you've accomplished, and a one-gal team! Kudos and more kudos to you!

Love you,

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Re : Come help with a PF fundraiser in Florida!!!

Postby amandahart » Sat Jun 24, 2006 01:56 pm

Hi Ladies,

My name is Amanda Hart. My husband Brian and I are involved in the Professional Tarpon Tournament Series. I met the Creeks almost 3 yrs. ago. Ali and I were where both pregnant with our second child and were both having girls. Our boys are just months apart. Our husbands meet while fishing a local tournament together. Ali and I became fast friends. While my pregnancy was going great with the exception of Gestational Diabetes, Ali was in bed very sick. I had never heard of Preeclampsia and the affects that it has on the mother and child. I had lots of questions and Ali and Doug where always willing to feed my curiosity. When Doug called my husband and I to announce the birth of his beautiful daughter, what should have been excitement in his voice was replaced with the sound of concern. There was nothing we could do for them that wasn’t already being done.

When I was approached to be co-chair for the Silver king Banquet, I was thrilled. This was my chance to do something for Ali, Doug, Colton and Aubrie. As, well as the many other families that have gone thru the same things that the Creeks had. I had no fundraising experience and was ready for a new challenge. After countless phone calls to local businesses and many other companies I had landed the first of our many items for our silent Auction. During a handful of calls I came across some people that would either hang up on me or just flat out say I am not interested without even hearing what I had to say. In my disgust I would call Ali and she would remind me that this is why we need to raise awareness!

I am thankful that I could be a part of this banquet and assist in raising this money for your foundation. I would like to thank those "Salty-Sea-Captains" for taking out there wallets to purchase tickets, silent auction items and raffle tickets. Thank you to everyone involved, and a special Thank you to Mr. Joe Mecurio for giving Ali and I a platform!


Amanda Hart

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