Which BP reading is right??

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Re : Which BP reading is right??

Postby akemt » Mon Jul 15, 637675 11:35 am

Just wanted to let you know that I have one arm that was always significantly higher than the other (I should try to remember which!) in both of my pregnancies and we always went with the higher one. Sometimes I did have to "request" the OB nurses at the hospital take it in the correct arm (while upright!) and write it down.

How did your doctor visit go? Best wishes,

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Re : Which BP reading is right??

Postby caryn » Sat Jun 22, 637675 6:10 pm

Our Experts have addressed this in the past -- it's quite common for bp to vary dramatically between arms. I try not to think too hard about how I walk around out of balance like that all the time. [:)]

Here's a link:


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Re : Which BP reading is right??

Postby tinacolada » Sat Jun 22, 637675 4:45 am

The docs where I work want you to take it sitting on your right arm after 5 minutes of rest. That is weird it varies so much for you. Good Luck at your appointment. Tina

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Re : Which BP reading is right??

Postby fiona » Sat Jun 22, 637675 3:55 am


there is often a difference in BP between arms. The highest side should be the one recorded. Let us know what the doctor says.

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Which BP reading is right??

Postby chubbiesmom » Fri Jun 21, 637675 7:45 pm

Would anyone know why such a difference in the reading from your right arm or your left arm when taking your blood pressure?? Which reading should you go by?? My blood pressure is better in my left this morning 136/72 and holy crap 156/91 in my right. Not looking forward to me doctor visit today after seeing that number.


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