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Update and some questions concering walking

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Re : Update and some questions concering walking

Postby surefoott » Thu Mar 04, 2010 05:18 pm

by surefoott (460 Posts), Thu Mar 04, 2010 05:18 pm

Hey Holly,
Just wanted to throw this granddaughter is not yet walking on her own either, just walking around furniture and all. She is 15 months and at the doctor appointment they found out that she has fallen arch. The doctor said this can make it more difficult for her to walk. She turns one of her feet kind of in and tries to walk on the side, as well as on her toes. The doctor wasn't too concerned, just told them not to put any shoes on her at all; but at least now they know why she is finding it harder to walk. When she is wearing shoes, they have to get an arch support and also be sure to buy her good well-fitting shoes to help her. Apparently it can really throw their balance off. They are supposed to go back to the doctor if she isn't walking by 18 months. Since you just had Alexa at the doctor, I'm sure it isn't that; but I just wanted to comment on it!!! Glad you are all doing well!!!
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Re : Update and some questions concering walking

Postby kdreher » Wed Mar 10, 2010 03:10 pm

by kdreher (2482 Posts), Wed Mar 10, 2010 03:10 pm

Michael just had his 15 month check up and adjusted age he is at 13 mos. He crawls very very fast and "table walks" around the house. If he can grab it while standing he is on the move. Honestly I wouldn't worry at all. The pedi mentioned that most, not all, full term babies begin to walk around 15 mos or so and it's not unusual that Michael isn't (I knew that) and honestly not unusual for Alexa either. Sure my niece has been walking since...yikes...11 mos but she's not in the normal age category. So many kids do so many things at different stages.
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