Birmingham newbie

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Re : Birmingham newbie

Postby lgw » Mon Sep 28, 638635 1:08 pm

Hey Anna-
I'm in Fairhope. I've got a few contacts in Birmingham that I'll send your way. Congratulations of your twins.

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Re : Birmingham newbie

Postby kara » Tue Sep 15, 638635 4:18 pm

Hi Anna,
Glad you found your way here. Hopefully someone is nearby and will post. I'll email with you soon about ways for you to raise awareness in B'ham.

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Birmingham newbie

Postby aajatwins » Sat Sep 05, 638635 2:05 pm

Hi Ladies~
Is anyone still connecting through these forums? I live in Birmingham and want to start raising awareness in my area. I've filled out the volunteer app and I'm looking for anyone close by who might want to help. I had twins boys in July at 36 weeks - they came by emergency c-section after I started seizing. We're all healthy now, praise God!

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