proteinuria in first trimester?

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Re : proteinuria in first trimester?

Postby » Thu May 03, 2007 00:11 am

As usual the information is fragmentary. We know she has proteinuria that is near or at the borderline level and no other information. Most importantly we do not know both her renal function (at least creatinine level) and her blood pressure, but at four weeks of gestation she does not have preeclampsia.

What is important here is that she is being evaluated by a nephrologist, preferably board certified, and experienced with renal disease and hypertension in pregnancy. Her OB caregiver, too, should be a high risk specialist, the two coordinating her care.
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proteinuria in first trimester?

Postby » Thu May 03, 2007 00:10 am

while going through internet i got to know about your site and therefore wanted to discuss about my problem.

during my first pregnancy, i got PIH pregnancy induced hypertention in the 7th month with protein in my urine and raised uric acid. unfortunately the baby died in before the birth during this time. I had preterm delivery and doctors induced me so that the baby can come out. After the delivery my blood pressure came down and the sweling also went down.

After 8 mth Now again i'am expecting. I'am 4weeks + 6 days pregnant but during my test the doctor discovered high ration of protien in my urine. I consulted a kidney doctor also who has adviced me some test further test, which almost came fine except for high protine in urine which is 303.30 mg/dL and creatinine 205.30 mg/dL.

My question to you is :
Is this preeclampsia?
How severe is this problem?
would it effect the baby ?
Is this possible that i loose the baby?
What kind of medication can be given during such a problem?

Waiting for a response from your side soon.

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