L&D today normal but what if...

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Re : L&D today normal but what if...

Postby njpia » Tue Jul 03, 638632 2:11 pm

Thank you ladies I will keep you posted.

It's pretty worrying what you mentioned about feeling weak and tired and the heavy chest feeling. I was quite groggy and just felt blah the rest of the day after my trip to l&d. I remember feeling heavy in my chest with my first experience with pree. It feels like someones pressing on my ribs or lungs or something. And that's how I felt yesterday and today. No headache this morning like yesterday but I do feel swollen in my toes n fingers.
Ugh. I really believed my docs last time that "once you get pree you don't get it again" my experience last time was so terrible I really really don't want to go thru that again! Very scary mostly for me! Sure my son was six weeks early and 3 pounds but he was great needing just a little help breathing for an hour but the rest of the time in nicu was just growing time.
I really feel like if it gets out of control I want to say to my doc, baby will be alright! I would like to be alive! I would hate to wait like some of the scary stories I've read here, women having to wait 2 or more weeks until past 35-36 weeks to deliver with bps in the 200s and such!! that's not right.
I'm no where near what I think is dangerous but I know it can change minute to minute. I just don't want to be so sick like last time. I'm glad my doc wants to stay ontop of this, one thing she said to me at l n d yesterday was to get baby to stay another month(meaning 35 weeks), but that we'll watch it. I hope she's not so textbook on that that I suffer. :/

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Re : L&D today normal but what if...

Postby alviarin » Mon Jul 02, 638632 9:23 pm

"My question, since my labs were normal today with just trace protien, could my levels suddenly go haywire in a day? "

Unfortunately yes it is possible. I went from a trace urine dip and slightly high BP to severe preeclampsia (PE) in under 24 hours. My main symptom was feeling extremely weak, like a bad case of the flu (without fever vomiting or chills). It felt hard to breathe, like a weight pressing on my chest.

All that is needed for a diagnosis of PE is two high BP readings at least 6 hours apart (140/90 or above, either number) plus 300 mg proteinura in a 24 hour collection. A 1+ urine dip makes a PE diagnosis more likely, but we have had posters who dipped "trace" but still meet the diagnostic criteria for PE based on the amount of protein in their 24 hour collection.

If you have any concerns, please don't hesitate to call your doc again or head back to L&D for monitoring. Here is a link to our signs and symptoms page if you haven't seen it already: http://www.preeclampsia.org/symptoms.asp

Please keep us posted as you are able.

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Re : L&D today normal but what if...

Postby jfindley » Sat Jun 23, 638632 12:20 pm

Welcome to the forum Natalie. Congratulations on your pregnancy. There is something you mention in your story that strikes a chord with me and my experience. I had PE and HELLP at 24 weeks and delivered at 26 weeks. I went from having trace protein and elevated bp with totally normal labs to HELLP in 3 hours. I don't want to cause any panic for you, but there is one thing you mentioned that sounds really familiar to me. You said you have adrenaline rushes and even had them in your previous pregnancy. I had the same sensation in my pregnancy. I was trying so hard to stay calm and keep my bp down, but then I would just have these rushes of adrenaline and my bp would go up. We found out on the day I delivered through MRI that I had an adrenal gland tumor called a pheochromocytoma. All this tumor does is release too much adrenaline and increase BP. It is interesting that you say your BP stayed up for so long after your first son was born. A pheo could cause this. There have been a few other women on the forum with this tumor and my ob and peri have both had PE/HELLP patients with this tumor. Please google it and ask your docs about it. My docs blame this tumor for my BP and say it could definitely be a cause of my PE and HELLP. I had mine removed after the delivery and my BP is normal now. Let us know how the next few days go and hang in there. It is so stressfull I know.

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L&D today normal but what if...

Postby njpia » Sat Jun 23, 638632 11:25 am

Quick history here on me then maybe someone can put me at ease.
I had severe pre-e 6 years ago with my first baby. He was born at 33 weeks. Pr-e didn't go away after I had him. Hbp stayed with me for 4 or so months after he was born.
I had another baby 3 years ago no bp complications.
I'm 31 weeks now. All's been good with me until yesterday (thanksgiving).
We didn't go anywhere for the holiday. We made our own turkey dinner. No stress, very nice.
Later yesterday, I got kind of headachy and felt swollen. I took my bp (upper arm machine) bp was 138/84. High for me since office visits my bp has been 120/70. I took my bp again an hour later and got 144/88.
I went to bed took my bp this morning and was 138/79. Took again a little later and was 142/89. I called my doc she told me to go to l & d for monitoring and tests.
My bp at l&d stayed in the 140s/90s 130s/80s it might have been higher a couple times, the machine dinged like crazy on a couple readings.
They took blood labs (for liver/kidney enzymes) and told me I had trace amount of protien.
They came back an hour later and said labs are fine. They want me to collect urine for 24hrs starting Sunday and bring it in Monday at my ob visit.
I agree my bp isn't so high to worry but I remember w my son how fast it got out of control. And that's what I'm worried about now.
They told me to come back to l n d if I get a really bad headache that doesn't go away w Tylenol.
I have a dull headache but not bad enough for meds. I feel groggy. Feel kind of swollen in my toes n fingers. Sort of feel heavy in my chest. I also for the past week at least once a day will get this adrenaline like rush from my heart and flushes in my head. The only way to describe it is like an adrenaline rush. I remember getting them with my second baby. Doc didn't worry and said it was all the extra blood flow these last few weeks.
My question, since my labs were normal today with just trace protien, could my levels suddenly go haywire in a day?
I tend to get hypochondriac when it comes to my bp BECAUSE of the severity with my first. (I was in icu for two days a day after emergency c sec, then transfered to a cardiac ward for 3 days before I was released)
I'm at the point where I was with my first when bp became an issue I'm getting worried. On top of this, this baby has an enlarged kidney that became severe at my last u/s so even she's got her issues to worry about.
Anybody have any advice or experience where labs were great one day and crazy the next? How did you feel?
Thank you for listening. :)

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