Birth Announcements

So, the baby's born, what comes next? Discuss your postpartum and parenting concerns here.
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Re : Birth Announcements

Postby sherbear » Mon Mar 10, 2008 09:53 pm

mommy 23 yrs
its a girl!
Brielle Alexis
born 3/7/08
6lb 14 oz
19 1/2"
36 1/2 weeks
currently in nicu
mom currently battling post partum preeclampsia.
csection after failed induction at 36 weeks.

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Re : Birth Announcements

Postby mommiesangel » Fri Jan 04, 2008 05:54 pm

Mom's Name: Hallie
City/State/Country: Cleveland, Ohio
Age: 34
Dad's Name: Dave
Boy or Girl: Girl
Name of Baby: Gabrielle Hope
Date of Birth: June 15, 2007 @ 2:39 PM
Weight: 2 pds 14 oz
Length: 14 inches long
Logon Name: mommiesangel
Delivery: emergency c-section
Status: Due to sever PE and HELLP which was not caught by my OB I was rushed to the hospital at 29 weeks. Gabrielle was delivered via c-setion 4 days later. After 44 days in the hospital (7 days for mommy-due to diabities, high BP and low blood cells) Gabrielle Hope came home on July 25, 2007. As of December 10, 2007 Gabrielle is weighing 14 pds 4 oz. and doing great!

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Re : Birth Announcements

Postby jamie w » Wed Jan 02, 2008 10:39 pm

Mom's Name: Jamie Watson
City/State: Oklahoma
Age: 30
Dad's Name: Kenneth
Boy or Girl: Girl
Baby's Name: Anna Elise
Date of Birth: 12-03-07
Weight: 5 lbs 15 oz
Length: 19 1/2"
Diagnosis: Diagnosed with pre-e @ 25 weeks, gestational diabetes @ 28 weeks, pre-term labor starting @ 34 weeks, low fluid @ 38 weeks, & post partum pre-e. Spent 13 weeks on bedrest, the last 7 of which were in the hospital. Scheduled for an amnio on 12-3 and there was not enough fluid left to do it so I was induced and delivered my precious baby 2 hours later.
Status: Mother & baby went home 2 days after delivery and are both doing well.

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Re : Birth Announcements

Postby summerw77 » Mon Nov 26, 2007 06:05 pm

Mom's Name: Summer Westerubr
City/State: Colorado
Age: 29
Dad's Name: Troy
Boy or Girl: Boy
Name of baby: Kade Ashton Westerbur
Date of Birth: 11-13-07
Weight: 5 lbs 10 oz
Length: 19 1/4"
Diagnosis: chronic hypertension/pre-eclampsia/worse post partum preeclampsia-- induced at 36 weeks followed by csection
Status: Home safe and sound, healthy as a horse!

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Re : Birth Announcements

Postby kelly1972 » Sat Oct 14, 2006 10:53 am

Mom's Name: Kelly Stewart
City/State: Ontario Canada
Age: 33
Dad's Name: Jason
Boy or Girl: Girl
Name of baby: Nicole Jayden Alexandra
Date of Birth: 09/09/06
Weight: 2lbs 3ozs
Length: 14 in.
Diagnosis: pre-ecampsia, chronic hypertention
Status: NICU

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Re : Birth Announcements

Postby missgamecock » Wed Sep 13, 2006 11:25 am

Mom's Name: Sabrina
City/State: NY
Age (opt): 32
Dad's Name: Rod
Boy or Girl: Girl
Name of baby: Sara Grace
Date of Birth: 6/28/05
Delivery:Emergency induction via Pitocin following peri appt where she had late decels on the NST, I had bp of 160/120 on max bp meds. No checking of the cervix or anything, went to the hospital in went in the pit and was jacked up. if I hadn't of gone into labor it would have been an emergency csection that night. But Pit worked and everything worked out well!
Weight: 6lbs 1oz
Length:18.75 inches

Diagnosis: Chronic HTN with Superimposed Severe PIH
Status: Doing well and very rambunctious toddler!

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Re : Birth Announcements

Postby sonnet15 » Wed Sep 13, 2006 10:40 am

Mom's Name: Sonnet Graves
City/State: Maryland
Age (opt): 30
Dad's Name: Matt
Boy or Girl: Boy
Name of baby: Jonathan (Jack) Dale
Date of Birth: 9-2-06
Weight: 2lb 3.55 oz
Length:13 3/4 inches

Diagnosis: Eclampsia
Status: NICU

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Re : Birth Announcements

Postby holliadrienne » Sat Aug 12, 2006 06:47 pm

Mom's Name: Holli
City/State: Indiana
Age (opt): 23
Dad's Name: Jason
Boy or Girl: Boy
Name of baby: Trevan Joseph
Date of Birth: 7-18-06
Weight: 4 lb 14 oz
Length: 18 inches
Delivery: 17 and a half hours of pitocin, almost emergency section, baby had to be delivered with forceps and had cord tightly wrapped around his neck...almost lost him but he is doing wonderful, he is a fighter!

Diagnosis: Preeclampsia and IUGR
Status: at home and doing wonderful!

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Re : Birth Announcements

Postby halo79rn » Sun Aug 06, 2006 06:58 pm

Mom's Name: Bridget
City/State: Illinois
Age (opt): 27
Dad's Name: Adam
Boy or Girl: Girl
Name of baby: Elizabeth Ann
Date of Birth: 1/29/06 (exactly 37wks gestation)
Weight: 5 lb 8 oz
Length: 18 1/2 inches
Delivery: Vaginal with cervidil and pitocin... almost a section, but I heard OB call for or team and said * no .. two pushes later, Libby arrived!

Diagnosis: Preeclampsia, PACs
Status: Great... Libby is 6 months, 15 lb 5oz and 24 1/2 inches... meeting milestones right on time... pedi says she's perfect!

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Re : Birth Announcements

Postby bamagirl » Wed Oct 19, 2005 10:32 pm

Mom's Name: Alicia
City/State: Dayton. Ohio
Age (opt): 42
Dad's Name: Patrick
Boy or Girl: Girl
Name of baby: Finley Davis
Date of Birth: 10/05/05
Weight: 6 lb 9 oz
Length: 18.9"

Diagnosis: chronic hypertension(@18wks)Monitored twice weekly. Hospitilized at 32 weeks for possible PE. PE ruled out but BP still high.
Status: Induced vaginal delivery @39 wks due to increased BP. Baby was born with no problems but developed jaundice and was re-admitted for 24 hours of phototherapy. 5 days after delivery I took BP and it was 180/107. Went to hospital and was admitted and treated for severe post partum pe. I had no idea that you could get pe after delivery, as I was always told that "delivery was the cure." I'm not 2 weeks after delivery and on BP medication until this resolves.

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