Isabelles 1 next week, how time flies.

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Isabelles 1 next week, how time flies.

Postby terriandaaron » Fri Aug 26, 638631 4:28 am

A few of you may remeber me and Izzy, she was born at 29 weeks last nov, shell be one this week, its been a horrendus year nearly 4 months in the unit and heart surgery to close her pda,nec plus lots of other complications, but were here and shes one next week, getting big now nearly 15lbs!(she was 2.10 born)
Shes doing well ceawling and walking round the furniture now, bit strange being so tiny and doing all that!
heres a few pics.before and now , i am happy shes ok but i also find myself a little sad remembering this time last year and all that went on, silly i know but i cant help it.

terri x

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Re : Isabelles 1 next week, how time flies.

Postby heather j » Fri Aug 26, 638631 4:16 pm

She's soooo cute! And, wow, has she done a LOT of growing. I don't think it's silly at all to feel a little melancholy and sadness at the anniversary of her arrival - I'm sure it was a scary (as well as happy, of course) time for you all that most of us can identify with on some level. Happy birthday, Izzy!

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Re : Isabelles 1 next week, how time flies.

Postby kdreher » Wed Sep 07, 638631 5:05 am

CONGRATULATIONS on reaching 1 year.

Michael will be 1 on the 19th, he is a 32 weeker born at 2.10 as well..he also had NEC but thankfully no surgery. He is probably between 15-16 lbs. He is not yet crawling but very close. Isn't it amazing that a year has gone by...I thought we'd never get out of the NICU.

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