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Re : SAHM's & SAHD's

Postby jmom08 » Thu Jun 24, 2010 00:33 am

SAHM here too. Tried working part time from home, didn't work out with my line of work (legal research & drafting for law firm, clients expected availability whether I had a sitter or not... decided to take a break while everyone was still happy). For me, staying at home is more exhausting than office work, but more rewarding, and *usually* less stressful (not today, not this week, but usually...). The biggest drawback for us/me has been the effect on gender roles in parenting & housework (definitions of "helping" and "Work" with a capital "W"). It's a work in progress. I hope I'll be able to continue.
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Re : SAHM's & SAHD's

Postby patty » Thu Jun 24, 2010 09:43 am

Me too :). I do go to school and have recently been working a temporary job with the census but stay at home is my main occupation. With 5 kids it is almost a necessity.
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Re : SAHM's & SAHD's

Postby rebeccac » Thu Jun 24, 2010 11:41 pm

This is a good place for SAHM info:


Have a great summer everyone!
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Re : SAHM's & SAHD's

Postby jennashell » Thu Aug 05, 2010 07:27 am

Ooh, Me too!!! I'm at home with my sweet ones!
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Re : SAHM's & SAHD's

Postby aajatwins » Thu Aug 05, 2010 04:09 pm

Me too! I had planned to continue teaching preschool art (so much fun) when we got pregnant, but when we found out it was twins that all changed. I'm so thankful I am able to, it's really what I've always wanted to do.
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