PA Walk-A-Thon Planning Call

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PA Walk-A-Thon Planning Call

Postby julie f » Wed Mar 19, 2008 01:18 am

A PA member has stepped up to lead the planning for a local W-A-T!!! Kelly L. has organized walks in the past for another non-profit, and is excited to dive right in to get a plan set in time for the '08 national PF walk (scheduled for Mother's Day weekend)!

Many of you expressed interest in being part of a team.... and your help is still needed!

PLEASE join the planning call set for later this week:
Thursday, March 20th, 7PM

Reply ASAP if you can participate in the call....or reply even if you are unable to make the call, but have interest in helping with the WAT. We will provide call-in instructions to those who can participate.

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