PTSD after PE and Hellp syndrome?

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PTSD after PE and Hellp syndrome?

Postby » Tue Sep 28, 2010 01:58 pm

I was wondering if there was any other moms who had suffered from PTSD? My second pregnancy was the most terrifying experience of my whole life. My husband and I have have felt so alone and not having family members who understand how traumatized that we were. Being hospitalized for 2 weeks, and not having baby to come home with. Baby in Nicu for a month. Baby is now 10 months and relatively healthy, however still feeling traumatized. Although long walks with baby have been really helpful for me.
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Re : PTSD after PE and Hellp syndrome?

Postby blythe » Thu Sep 30, 2010 09:46 am

Hi Jana. I'm so sorry to hear you are still struggling emotionally 10 months after your baby was born. I can promise you, though, feeling traumatized is not unusual. I'm sure other current members will be along soon with their stories, but in the meantime you can search the archives for PTSD (use the search in the upper right corner of the page). Here is just one recent discussion:,ptsd
I also really like this site
because (unless it has changed recently) it's one of the few places I've found on the internet that doesn't insist a VBAC is the only way to recover from a traumatic birth.

Enjoy those long walks with baby!
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Re : PTSD after PE and Hellp syndrome?

Postby sam10 » Thu Sep 30, 2010 03:57 pm

I am traumatized and have been diagnosed with PTSD. Many of my family and friends cannot fully grasp to what extend PE and the loss of our son has traumatized me and my husband. We started therapy to help us deal with our situation. It is something that is helpful for us.
PE is not just something you'd forget and move on, as some around me have suggested.

Take care and try to find ways to help ease the pain, whatever that might be.

Sending you hugs.

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Re : PTSD after PE and Hellp syndrome?

Postby jmom08 » Sat Oct 02, 2010 03:16 pm

Mine didn't rise to the level of PTSD, but I definitely had anxiety, especially when DH and I started talking about TTC after DS#1. Seeing a counselor helped me too -- mine specializes in reproductive & mothering issues. In one of her books she recommends walks with baby to help new moms, I think it is great that you are doing that. :) Hugs to you & baby!
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Re : PTSD after PE and Hellp syndrome?

Postby mrss » Tue Oct 12, 2010 09:43 am

I thought DS's birth was a traumatic experience and I was still angry and anxious about it for months afterward. I was really hoping this last birth experience would be better, but it wasn't. I actually had a vaginal birth with DS and ended up with an emergency c-section with DD. I think I'm a little too tired to process it all right now (only a week out), but I've already upped my Zoloft levels for the time being.
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Re : PTSD after PE and Hellp syndrome?

Postby aundapenner » Wed Oct 13, 2010 11:59 am

I think in retrospect, after Henry's birth, I was experiencing more PTSD than PPD - but my PPD was severe.

After Sofia's birth, even though she was full-term, I also experienced PPD. She is 19 months old and I am still on meds. Henry is 4.5 - and I would say it has taken me this long to really begin working through my first pregancy in a healthy way.

Have you spoken with your doctor? At 10 months out, I would look into some type of medical intervention - medicine or therapy.


You are not alone. We all walk this together.
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Re : PTSD after PE and Hellp syndrome?

Postby jend01 » Wed Oct 13, 2010 01:20 pm

I have been diagnosed with PTSD. I suffered with the anxiety and stress for 9 months after my ds was born. I didn't get any medical help until I was taken to the ER from work due to an anxiety attack. (I thought I was having a stroke) Later the same week I had another one and didn't go to the hospital I just went home. That was when I realized that I need to get medical help. I started out with just seeing a therapist and she was great, but she suggested medication right off the bat which I didn't like and I refused for a few months. After a few months of therapy with only minimal progress I took her advice and went to a physiatrist and was prescribed xanax to handle my immediate anxiety needs and zoloft for a longer term. I have been on the zoloft for about a year now and have not had to take the xanax nearly as often as before. I feel much better and I wish that I had gone to the doctors sooner. I found this site shortly after I started seeing my therapist and it has been a great help as well.
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Re: PTSD after PE and Hellp syndrome?

Postby MatthewsLeela » Fri Aug 19, 2011 04:23 pm

Oh my Gosh! Your stories absolutely break my heart. I know I'm on here a little late, but a friend of mine endured preeclampsia recently which in turn caused her to deliver early. Even worse is that she too developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; which rendered her almost helpless to her under developed child. It's a shame because there are so many people who truly don't understand what PTSD is all about. It's very serious! A baby needs its mommy and when mommy isn't o.k., this causes problems for baby. =(

Essentially what I'm trying to do (as a friend) is seek out advice and resources. How did or how are you folks currently managing? Are you dealing with it on your own or are you seeking the assistance of highly skilled physicians? Who watched over the little one while people were watching over you?

Thanks in advance, all. You're all such brave souls!
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Re: PTSD after PE and Hellp syndrome?

Postby caryn » Mon Aug 22, 2011 01:41 am


I didn't have PTSD so I'm very little help here - but I know a ton of our posters have had it and have useful comments.
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Re: PTSD after PE and Hellp syndrome?

Postby sam10 » Mon Aug 22, 2011 10:17 am

I have/had PTSD. It is getting better, but it still kicks my butt once in a while.
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