Good News and Anniversary...

Are you part of the NICU club? Do you have a child who is still struggling with the effects of being born too soon from preeclampsia? Share your concerns and stories here among parents who have been there.
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Re : Good News and Anniversary...

Postby sarab » Thu Apr 22, 2010 10:40 am

How wonderful, Nikki! I enjoy reading your updates, both here and through carepages; what a journey the two of you have had!

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Re : Good News and Anniversary...

Postby patty » Tue Apr 20, 2010 08:20 am

Yeah I am glad for the progress Ethan is making. His is such a story of hope and inspiration!

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Re : Good News and Anniversary...

Postby jamie w » Mon Apr 19, 2010 01:32 pm

That is such wonderful news! I know you must be so relieved! I hope good things keep coming your way!

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Re : Good News and Anniversary...

Postby hannahsmom » Mon Apr 19, 2010 11:45 am

Your post gave me goosebumps. What wonderful news!!!

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Re : Good News and Anniversary...

Postby rebeccac » Sun Apr 18, 2010 01:26 pm

Way to go Ethan and mom!

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Re : Good News and Anniversary...

Postby ladybug76135 » Sun Apr 18, 2010 12:50 am

Yippee!!!! I'm so excited for you guys. He is doing so well.

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Re : Good News and Anniversary...

Postby rosalinda » Sun Apr 18, 2010 11:42 am


I LOVE reading about Ethan's wonderful progress (through his carepage too!), I'm soo glad he is off the vent during the day!

I'm also very happy you've decided to come back and share the updates with the rest of us. :)

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Re : Good News and Anniversary...

Postby mnmom » Sun Apr 18, 2010 09:02 am

Nikki!! What amazing news. I am so happy for you. You and your family continue in my prayers.

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Good News and Anniversary...

Postby mom2miracles » Sun Apr 18, 2010 08:09 am

Ethan's second sleep study went very well and WE ARE OFFICIALLY APPROVED TO BE VENT FREE!! It's been a long time coming. We did have to add some oxygen back into the mix at night, but nothing at all during the day. Very exciting. He is also doing a lot better with eating (this month anyway)! He's gone from taking maybe 5-10 bites to eating 1/2 jar per sitting. Great gifts coming right on time for his 2nd birthday in a few weeks!

Anniversaries...2 years ago yesterday my doctor told me that Ethan would die in utero due to lack of nutrition and oxygen. He would be stillborn. 2 years ago today I went into the hospital to wait. A month later, on May 15, 2008, my baby started his fight outside of the womb...and won! You wonderful ladies helped so much in getting me through that awful month, especially since my husband was way less than supportive! We love you all!

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