Help, my baby is a crier ** long**

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Re : Help, my baby is a crier ** long**

Postby sushshaf » Thu Aug 11, 638603 4:03 am

i was pregnant with twins. my twin girl was disadvantage in utero and did not grow in the last part of the pregnancy. the twins were born 5 weeks premmy. my son was the perfect baby. he was chubby and slept and fed. my daughter could not latch, was wide eyed from birth and extremely small and thin. the doctor explained to me that the pre-eclampsia i suffered was due to the distressed baby sending out chemicals. my son had perfect apgar scores starting with 9 at 1 minute and my girl had poor scores being 1,4 and 7.
my daughter cried a lot and wanted to be held. my husband could not be with me during the first 2 months and in order to manage i had the babies in the bed with me. i was able to sleep and was not distressed by the work load of twins as well as managing a business. (i want to add that i am not a superwoman. i find the kids more challenging now as they have their own personalities)
my daughter has always cried. i would carry her around on my arm when she was weeks old. as she got bigger i carried her in a sling. i was able to get other things done when i put her in a baby swing to help her sleep during the day. at night she would snuggle so close to me.
now the twins are 4 years old. my daughter will cry at a level of distress that goes beyond the matter at hand. all the kids cry. i accept that. my daughter will be upset about something and then if she cannot get immediate attention to the level she wants then she is distressed about that. i try to be the same with the three of them. (the third baby was born 18 months later) but i find that i cannot be.
was all that early carrying and swinging to blame? i would not have gotten anything done.
my daughter is now the same height as her twin and adequately covered with flesh. she is bright and although she has these terrible crying jags can be extremely happy and helpful.
i was told by a health professional that it is the babies that are born premmie who have not been stressed during the pregnancy that often die. eg their mothers were in car accidents. for those babies stressed during the pregnancy that the babies come out able to breath air rather than oxygen. the reason is the cortisol levels the baby secretes. cortisol is also given to mothers when they intend to take the babies out early. it helps to mature the lungs.
still i wonder if the stress he endured in utero is the reason she is so emotional now

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Re : Help, my baby is a crier ** long**

Postby laura » Mon Jul 15, 638318 2:24 am

Crabby Camille was a fusser, too and didn't "wake up" and interact for several weeks after she was born. This was the time when we found our Baby Bjorn came in handy.

Have you ever seen the book "The Happiest Baby on the Block" by Harvey Karp? I found it really helpful in understanding this kind of crabby baby behavior. Hope baby is feeling better soon!

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Re : Help, my baby is a crier ** long**

Postby summerw77 » Thu Jul 04, 638318 1:50 pm

Also, colic can be many different things, but is usually diagnosed by 3 hours of consistant crying per day that you cannot help her...............

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Re : Help, my baby is a crier ** long**

Postby summerw77 » Thu Jul 04, 638318 1:47 pm

Question, are you breastfeeding? If so my friend was going through this same type of thing, and she cut somethings out of her diet and it went away! If you are bf I will find out what she cut out (she adds back a new thing each week,if it works it stays) it is a pretty limited diet but better than screaming babies!

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Re : Help, my baby is a crier ** long**

Postby amandah » Thu Jun 20, 638318 12:53 pm

i used gripe water with my son and it's all natural and very safe to use. it helps regulate the baby's digestive tract. i used it for constipation and gas and it worked well

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Re : Help, my baby is a crier ** long**

Postby hols537 » Mon Apr 01, 638318 3:09 am

We didn't have any tests with Alexander either. His symptoms led them to believe it was reflux (arching during feedings, crying and spitting/vomiting) and with that treatment, she showed improvement. But, he had lots of trouble with gas too. We did lots of leg movements and carried him in a way to put more pressure on his tummy (colic carry). That helped a little, but eventually his doctor suggested we eliminate dairy. He took soy formula only for about 4 days while I cut out all dairy from my diet. We saw improvement in about 2 weeks with that change. Finally, the doctor added Mylicon 6x per day (using it only when he already had the gas wasn't working). So, for us there were a few issues - reflux, dairy sensitivity and gas.

The diary sensitivity did show up in his stools. He didn't have diarrea, but they were not normal colored for a BF baby. That was the biggest clue for the doc...

Don't worry that she's not interested in toys yet. She's really young. She would probably enjoy watching a mobile or something. It will be another couple of months before rattles and such interesting. Here's a chart from babycenter: ... 1496585.bc Don't forget to adjust for her prematurity when looking at this.

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Re : Help, my baby is a crier ** long**

Postby aundapenner » Sun Mar 31, 638318 9:44 pm


Henry's ped did not run any tests but rather suggested that I cut dairy out before giving him medicine for reflux. Like you, I was willing to try anything to have a happy baby (i.e. one that didn't cry 24/7). But then I nearly broke down in her office when she explained that cutting dairy out of my diet (I was BFing) would take another 4 weeks before we saw if it worked and explained to her that I was getting only 15-30 minutes of sleep at a time because he was so miserable changed her mind. She prescribed Zantac and while I would say the result was not what I would call immediate, we *knew* when we were late with a dose.

Henry never had a rash or diarrhea. He had severe stomach pains - not passing gas kinds, but would tighten up his whole body and scream. He never turned red and was not pushing.

I've heard of gripe water and I've seen it at Babies R Us by the formula, bottom shelf. I've never used it but have heard good things about it.

Before we went to the ped, we initially tried Mylicon. At first it seemed to help, but it didn't take long for us to realize it was not a gas issue. Another mom had given me some at my baby shower and swore by it.

I would try the anti-gas stuff first - mylicon, gripe water. But if that doesn't work, you'll know it!

And way to go for hanging in there and keeping trying the babywearing. I really want it to work this time with #2 and believe I'll be far more consistent. :)

mrs. sagara
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Re : Help, my baby is a crier ** long**

Postby mrs. sagara » Sun Mar 31, 638318 9:43 am

Thank you thank you Thank you.
Hearing your stories and advice gives me hope that all will be well.
I will definitely keep trying the swaddling and reading the books.
In the meantime I have tried the carrier and so far we have mixed reviews.
At times she loves it and at times she doesn't. It does save my arms though.

Alice, what tests did they run to determine your child had allergies and colic and how soon?
The pediatrician I see says unless there is a rash or diarrhea then they are normal.

Thank you for the dr. sears link Summer!

Sofia is 7 wks now and still no smile.
She is however trying to babble and coo (when she isn't crying or sleeping)
She is not interested in rattles, mirrors, or books.

By the way, what is gripe water? Where can I find it and how does it work?

Also, I am starting to suspect that she has a gas problem, not reflux or colic.
She turns red when she is trying to pass gas or have a bowel movement and if she isn't successful she starts to cry.
Can this be possible? I will try the mylicon next time.

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Re : Help, my baby is a crier ** long**

Postby summerw77 » Sat Mar 09, 638318 7:04 pm

Here's a link to my favorite site! IF it doesn't work go to then search fussy babies, he has a TON Of info on this subject! Actually his whole site is truly amazing. It's the first place I look!

mikeys mom
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Re : Help, my baby is a crier ** long**

Postby mikeys mom » Sat Mar 09, 638318 2:50 am

Have you tried antigas stuff?? Lots of times babies will suck or cry if they have gas. It works wonders...

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