Bennett is one!

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Bennett is one!

Postby amandaoasis » Wed Nov 25, 2009 01:04 pm

So hard to believe. He has come a long way in the past twelve months. He weighs in at 21 lbs 7 oz and is 29 inches long. We had a lovely little birthday party that was a bit overwhelming to him. I thought he would make a big mess with the cake, but he is much to neat of a little man for that! Bennett is army crawling and just staring to pull up.

I'm just so happy that he has grown and developing at such a great pace. I still worry, but I guess that's just part of being a mom...preemie or not.

We are so lucky to have him.

Here are some photos:

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Re : Bennett is one!

Postby hols537 » Wed Nov 25, 2009 01:26 pm

Congratulations and Happy Birthday Bennett!

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Re : Bennett is one!

Postby brockner1 » Wed Nov 25, 2009 03:02 pm

Happy Birthday Bennett! lovely pictures...

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Re : Bennett is one!

Postby trish » Wed Nov 25, 2009 04:23 pm

What a great size he is - good growing for starting so small! Ali's finally at 22 lbs and maybe 31 inches she'll be 2 next month!

He is adorable!!! Congrats! :)

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