Any labs after delivery?

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Re : Any labs after delivery?

Postby mom29 » Sat Dec 17, 638292 6:25 pm

I did when I got pre-e postpartum three years ago. I'm now 11 days postpartum with high bp. The dr. did not order any postpartum labs even though my discharge was cancelled due to my bp being high. I called the MFM when I got home to see if he would take over prescribing the bp meds. and he tripled the dose of labetalol. I will be calling again tomorrow since my bp is going back up. Don't know if he will order any labs or suggest I find a primary care dr. asap.

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jamie w
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Re : Any labs after delivery?

Postby jamie w » Thu Nov 24, 638292 8:12 pm

I had repeat labs at 6 weeks post partum.

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Re : Any labs after delivery?

Postby mommyboo » Thu Nov 24, 638292 12:34 pm

I just had labs run while in the hospital and they wouldn't let me go home until everything looked good (almost a week later).
I then had labs run again at 3 weeks when I was readmitted for a uterine infection. I then had just a regular panel run at my 6 week appt. I was then told I needed to see an endocrinologist for hyperthyroid and calcium and a nephrologist to check out my kidneys. All my labs came back close to normal (I'm hyperthyroid) and still waiting to see a nephrologist. I know when I get bad UTI's I get kidney pain and that's the only symptom I get. It wouldn't hurt to just see a regular family Doctor and have some labs run.

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heather j
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Re : Any labs after delivery?

Postby heather j » Wed Nov 23, 638292 10:35 pm

I had follow-up labs after my PE pregnancy once or twice a week (following discharge) for the first four weeks out. Oddly enough, I also had a kidney stone about five months out -- could what you're feeling be that? Or a kidney infection? Either way, I'd have a doc check it all out to rule out anything serious!

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Re : Any labs after delivery?

Postby haileysmom » Wed Nov 23, 638292 7:03 pm

After delivery I had a 24 hr urine and blood work every 6 hrs for 6 days (while in the hospital) and then every week until my levels returned to close to normal. I had hellp though so my platelets and liver enzymes were all out of whack. By about 6 weeks post partum I was done w/ blood draws and the doctors were happy w/ my levels even though my BP was still high until about 8 weeks even while on meds.

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Any labs after delivery?

Postby lizalourx » Wed Nov 23, 638292 8:27 am

After you delivered your baby did your doctor order any additional labs or 24 hour urines? My bp's worsened after delivery but there were no additional labs drawn. I am still on meds right now 8 weeks post partum. I am beginning to have high back pain (kidney area) and starting thinking that I never got any additional testing done after the baby was born. I made an appointment with an internist so I am thinking he might order some tests. Just wondering if most OB's do or don't do follow up testing after the baby is here.

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