bedrest for mild hypertension?

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Re : bedrest for mild hypertension?

Postby melissamk222 » Tue Jan 25, 638287 8:34 pm

I too am surprised that you're on bedrest with those numbers. I would have been on bedrest from 19 weeks if my doctor followed the same guidelines!

I agree that your midwife is just being careful. She probably just wants you to take it easy. I would assume that you probably won't develop preeclampsia but it's better safe than sorry!

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Re : bedrest for mild hypertension?

Postby heather100 » Sat Nov 27, 638286 5:13 pm

quote:Originally posted by celticepona
But to me, a layperson, if your pressures are what you say and you are not exhibiting any of the other symptoms, I would not get to worried about PE right now.

Ditto. I'm quite surprised they have you on bedrest with those pressures. I mean, it is great to be proactive, but I think most preggos would be on bedrest if those pressures were the guidelines even when considering low non-pregnancy BP levels.

I'd get some clarification from your mid-wife.

Keep us posted!!!!

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Re : bedrest for mild hypertension?

Postby celticepona » Sat Nov 27, 638286 4:40 pm I am no doctor but just to chime in, my bps run anywhere from 130s/140s over 60s/70s with some spikes in the 80s with the diastolic. I'm on meds and still working. It may be your midwife is just extra cautious, which in my opinion regarding PE is okay. But to me, a layperson, if your pressures are what you say and you are not exhibiting any of the other symptoms, I would not get to worried about PE right now.

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Re : bedrest for mild hypertension?

Postby vix » Sat Nov 27, 638286 2:42 pm

Thank you AveryAnnsmom! That is very reassuring.

I did query what the mid-wife had in mind at my appointment and although her answer was a bit vague it did include the term bedrest. My initial reaction was one of horror since I had taken the day off work to tidy and clean the house -- I am hoping to have a home birth, and there is still a bit of preparation in order.

Even before the BP reading my midwife didn't approve of me still being at work, although I am comfortably sat at a desk and avoiding stress, so that might be part of the reason for her strong reaction. I am back in work today, but I am definately in tidying up mode now! For some reason I was absolutely convinced that the baby would be late -- not so sure anymore!

The way I see it rest is symptomatic treatment for hypertension which can't actually change the underlying cause (correct me if I am wrong!). In which case, so as long as my blood pressure is not so high as to be causing damage to me or the baby, resting completely is fairly futile, and would definately stress me out while there are so many things that I want to get done.

My next appointment is next Thursday so I will try to take it easy until then while gradually trying to wrap things up at work and at home.

Thanks for the additional info mom29. I haven't taken anything for the cold though! Hopefully the baby will stay put until both I and my husband have fully recovered from it!

Thank you both so much for your comments. You are lovely!


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Re : bedrest for mild hypertension?

Postby mom29 » Wed Nov 17, 638286 6:58 am

You mentioned having a cold. Some people are sensitive to cold medicines and that can raise their blood pressure. Don't know if you took any, but thought I'd mention that.

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Re : bedrest for mild hypertension?

Postby kara » Wed Nov 17, 638286 4:03 am

Hi Vix,
Welcome to the boards. I'd call your midwife and see what she had in mind for "rest". Sometimes they just want to see you resting for a couple hour time span during the day, with the rest of the day free to do normal stuff, as long as you don't overdo it, ya know. I suspect she didn't mean strict bedrest, but it's best to check directly with the mw - we're far from doctors here. :-)

It's totally normal to have a dip in blood pressure during the 2nd trimester, with a slight increase in the 3rd trimester.

It's important to note any changes you may notice over the next two weeks and report them to your midwife, including headache that won't go away, unusual swelling - particularly in face and hands, pain in the upper right area under your ribs, less movements from baby, or any other changes. Here's a link to our signs and symptoms page;

For a diagnosis of preeclampsia you'd need bp readings of 140/90 or higher at least two times a few hours apart, AND 300mg of protein, or more on a 24 hour urine test. I suspect your midwife is just being cautious, and wanting you to take it easy...a good idea for any 38 week pregnant woman!

Glad you found us and please let us know you're doing! When is your next appointment, btw?

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bedrest for mild hypertension?

Postby vix » Wed Nov 17, 638286 2:24 am

Hi all,

I am 38 weeks pregnant and feeling fine, but at my midwife appointment today I was told that my blood pressure is high (for me) and instructed to go home and rest. My blood pressure was 110/70 at my first antenatal appointment, and has been around 100/65 throughout my second and third trimesters, but is now reading 108/78.

Is this likely to mean that I am developing preeclampsia, and if so is there anything I can do to slow the progression down? I don't have any other symptoms, except perhaps a little less energy than usual, but I put that down to the fact that I am in the late stages of pregnancy and recovering from a cold.

I'm feeling pretty confused now. Until 10:30 this morning, I was feeling so healthy and confident about the birth. Now I'm not sure whether to carry on as usual, or tuck myself in bed! Can anyone offer any advice on what level of activity would be appropriate for me? Clearly I don't want to put myself or the baby at risk, but equally I have a lot of things I wanted to do in the last days or weeks before the baby arrives.

Looking forward to your responses,


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