Surgeon General's Conference on Prematurity

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Surgeon General's Conference on Prematurity

Postby tom-pf-exd » Sat Apr 12, 638302 6:00 pm

To All:

I recently attended the SG's conference on Prematurity which was mandated by the PREEMIE Act of 2006. Suffice to say I was quite disappointed they chose to focus on "spontaneous" preterm birth to the exclusion of "medically indicated" preterm delivery (such as preeclampsia). My upcoming column in the Newsletter (out in early August) will go into more depth about my concerns -- but I wanted to post this link ([url][/url]) for anyone interested in seeing the results of the conference. In short, while I think there are many good things in the report -- I believe it ultimately fails our constituents for its lack of attention to preeclampsia.

We will convey these sentiments (firmly yet constructively) to the Surgeon General and NICHD.

Best to all . . .


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