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Food issues with my almost 2 yr old

So, the baby's born, what comes next? Discuss your postpartum and parenting concerns here.

Re : Food issues with my almost 2 yr old

Postby pld0804 » Sun May 23, 2010 11:44 am

by pld0804 (203 Posts), Sun May 23, 2010 11:44 am

As a quick update, we have an appointment with a pediatrician at the local children's hospital on June 3rd. Ryan is eating milk with carnation breakfast, cereal bars, toast and soda crackers. He was quite sick with the flu recently (even suspected meningitis, but cultures were thankfully negative). Before then the only 'food' was the cereal bars, but it seems he came out of the flu hungry and picked up toast and soda crackers again, so I'm happy with that at least for now. All that being said, I'm looking forward to the appointment, because I want him to move on to fruit, veggies & meat and I don't see that happening with the path that he's on right now. I also want him to get back to gaining weight like a normal toddler. Between dropping foods and then the really bad flu, he lost 3 or 4 pounds, but has now regained about half of that.
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