medical records/postpardum

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Re : medical records/postpardum

Postby jenmatt1 » Mon Sep 20, 2010 11:13 pm

Each state has its own laws about what can be charged- usually it is just reasonable copying costs and time to retrieve the records. For example, here in FL they can charge you up to a $1 a page for written records. But I think it is worth the charge. I ended up gaining nothing really from mine - as there is no real cause for my HELLP that can be documented- but I do feel better that the care I was provided was very good and reviewing those records confirmed that for me. Frankly, neither my husband nor family understand what happened (my husband was traveling for business and only got there after the delivery) so they don't truly understand. Having those records let me feel like I was not going crazy for the way I was feeling. It validated my feelings in lots of ways. And it helped my husband to understand a little more.

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Re : medical records/postpardum

Postby gterrytx » Mon Sep 20, 2010 10:39 pm

For those of you that got your medical records, who did you go to for them? I tried to get them from the hospital and they told me that my basic records said I had a "normal" delivery. Uh, no. To get more information, they said I would have to pay. They also told me the nurses must have hand-written notes, but the nurses all used computers. So, I'm confused. Should I try my doctor's office for my records instead?

I also think it's never too late for an exam.

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Re : medical records/postpardum

Postby amandaoasis » Wed Sep 15, 2010 10:08 am

I agree with the other ladies about the 6 week appointment.

I personally have gained much insight from having my records. They have helped me become more informed about my own health and as a result a better advocate for myself. In fact, I now get a copy of every new record when I leave my doctor's appointments.

As far as your husband's desire to have another baby...where is that coming from so soon after the traumatic experience? Has he always wanted a lot of kids? Have you seen an MFM? If you haven't, I would at least make an appt. with one and take your DH. Then you can get your risks more accurately assessed and get a time line for your next baby if that's what you both decide you want.

Seeing a counselor really helped my anxiety post-Bennett, although nothing will ever erase the trauma we experienced.

Good luck!

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Re : medical records/postpardum

Postby beth0277 » Wed Sep 15, 2010 09:28 am

I agree, it is never too late for your check up. It will help you know where you stand with everything.

As far as your records go...I got mine and they did not give me any peace of mind. I don't know why I wanted them, I guess to see if there was anything doctors didn't tell me. What I got was a lot of trouble from the records department, then about 1000 pages to try to sift through. It was nice to be able to read the actual doctors notes from the night I was admitted (that is the ones I could read, they were very illegible.) However I feel that it did take me back to that time and that is not somewhere I want to go.

If you think it will give you peace of mind then it may be worth it. It wasn't for me, it brought up too many bad memories.

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Re : medical records/postpardum

Postby milesymommy » Wed Sep 15, 2010 09:06 am

It is never "too late" to go get your 6 week checkup. It will help ensure your health is on the right track, and give you peace of mind. Same with the medical records. Request them in writing. Don't expect to get them at the doctors appointment.
My OB recommended waiting a year before having another baby. This allows your body to recover. Also, if you are nursing, getting pregnant will deplete all your stores of calcium.
And if you are having some depression, talk to your OB about it. There is help out there and medications you can take to help. After DS1, just admitting to my OB that I was depressed helped. She recommended counseling and put a referal in. I never took it; I honestly felt just admitting my problem took a huge weight off. After DS2, I had some depression and but mostly anxiety and did go to counseling for it. It really helped.

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medical records/postpardum

Postby mom2boys » Wed Sep 15, 2010 05:23 am

I need some rational advice. I am 12 weeks postpardum

First, like most of us, I was pretty traumatized by preE and the delivery, etc. My pressures remained high for a good 4 weeks. A week after I delivered, I saw my ob for a quick followup to my pressures. He told me, "see you at 6 weeks". Well with everything (trauma, difficult baby, other depression that went along with this baby) I never made it in to followup.

Is it too late to go in? I so want my medical records, especially the pathology report on that placenta.
About going in, I do need to discuss pregnancy prevention. I am nursing, and my husband said he wants another baby pretty quick. I have 3 children already. Seriously what is he thinking?

Also, does anyone recommend getting my medical records from the hospital or is it really a waste? Anyone gain insight from them? Or is it just peace of mind?

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