Extreme Low Calcium in Preemie Baby

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Re: Extreme Low Calcium in Preemie Baby

Postby caryn » Sun Jan 30, 2011 09:20 pm

I don't know much about this myself - have you heard any more from her care team? I'll trawl through PubMed (but you are doubtless already doing that!) and see what I turn up, but I'm hoping someone with some experience pops in here!
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Extreme Low Calcium in Preemie Baby

Postby torian0319 » Thu Jan 27, 2011 06:49 am

Good Morning-
I am so greatful to this site. I feel I have no real support and am dealing with the emotional issues of having a second baby born premature due to PE/Placental Abruption by myself. This is the only place I can really go to feel like someone understands. So, thank you!!!

My daughter is in the NICU and is gaining weight well. She was born at 1 lb 7 oz and is now 3 lb 6 oz, on room air with I liter of pressure, and has started to bottle feed, but is not yet in an open crib. However, I was informed last week that she has very low calcium levels. So, they gave her a calcium supplement every 6 hrs for about a day or so. But, her calcium levels were still very low, therefore they decided to give her a continuous infusion of calcium via i.v. Her levels came up after the infusion. Unfortunately, her levels are back down again and the neonatologist, in her own words, is "very concerned." The dr says that at this stage and age and how well she is gaining weight, she should be able to absorb calcium at normal levels by this time. It is common for preemie's to have a low calcium level a week or so after birth, but not at 6 weeks. She is going to test her parathyroid hormone levels and vitD levels. I am a research scientist, so I have been doing a little bit of research on what could be the cause of this. It appears that these low calcium levels could be caused by congenital hypoparathyrodism or DiGeroge syndrome. Clearly, she does have hypocalcemia (low calcium). They say she is assymptomatic, but one of the symptoms of hypocalcemia is being jittery or having tremors/twitchs. I know I have seen her with little tremors and acting jittery. But, she has not displayed any other symptoms other than that.

Has anyone experience your preemie having hypocalcemia at greater than 4 weeks of age? What was the outcome? Where they diagnosed with hypoparathyrodism or DiGeorge? If so, how does it affect there behavior or life long-term?

Again, thank you for reading and I appreciate any thoughts you may have.


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