Writing Heals

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Re: Writing Heals

Postby Ty » Thu Feb 03, 2011 03:55 pm

Always On My Mind
By: Tyrishma A. Allen

I remember you,
struggling to survive,
I saw the fight in your eye
wanting to make your mommy proud.
But no matter how you tried,
you had to comply,
So you closed your eyes
gave me a smile that said
“Mommy please don’t cry.”

The pain was too much
it was not meant for you
to go through such.
I miss you still. I always will.
August 15th to September 8th 2008
No matter how short your life
I appreciate.

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Writing Heals

Postby laney_p » Wed Feb 02, 2011 10:29 am

The Preeclampsia Foundation is offering a new forum section called “Writing Heals,” where members can share original poems, songs, short stories and quotes dedicated to their unique experiences. The goal of the forum is to provide a space to promote healing through shared expression. On a quarterly basis we will feature a piece in our newsletter along with a brief interview with the author. We hope that this initiative will assist all of us in further understanding the emotional impact of preeclampsia, eclampsia and HELLP syndrome.

Writing has been proven to yield measurable improvements in psychological and physical health. When we write, we must slow down our thought processes and organize our thoughts. This process promotes self-awareness and understanding. As we write about a stressful event or trauma like a preeclamptic pregnancy, it helps us understand the event as well as how and why we feel certain emotions. The act of realization is necessary for us to “let go” and move forward. After writing about our experiences we tend to feel relieved and begin to heal.

Please respond in this section with any creative writing you may have done about your preeclampsia experience, and see it posted quarterly in the "Writing Heals" section of the Expectations newsletter. If you have already submitted a creative writing post to the forum, send us a hyperlink!
Director of Community Relations for the Preeclampsia Foundation
*does not provide any medical advice*
for more information, please visit www.preeclampsia.org

La Directora de las Relaciones con la Comunidad
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Para mas información, por favor visite: www.preeclampsia.org/es

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