Memories..they never end.

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Re: Memories..they never end.

Postby kerisue » Tue May 17, 2011 00:41 am

I too live in a different place than I did when I was pregnant with Millie. I've gone back to it though and it's amazing how many memories I have from there even though Millie never actually "lived" there. I'm glad you had Sadie there to tell her about it (even though she's just an infant). Wish I were closer and could get together for coffee with both of you!
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Re: Memories..they never end.

Postby » Mon May 16, 2011 09:38 pm

Oh Jill, I know I am so sorry. So many memories it's true who would ever think all this would have happened. I just thought you got pregnant and had a baby! I love you Naomi and Sadie very much! Let's meet for coffee soon I will call you,it's benn a crazy day. Thinkinng of you xoxo
Benjamin Spider Reeves born 4-28-2010( 1lb 6oz 26 weeks to severe pre-e and Iugr) we lost you after 4 long months in the NICU. You fought so hard,and were so brave.Our first baby .We miss you everyday and love you forever xo

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Memories..they never end.

Postby NaomiSadie916 » Mon May 16, 2011 08:30 pm

Today I was driving with my daughter to go to the bookstore and drop off something for a friend. She lives near where I used to live when I was pregnant with Naomi. On the way back from my friends house, I drove over to where I used to live. I made a quick right turn, when I knew I probably shouldn't. This paticular street and area just SCREAM Naomi. It all flashes back to me. I remember I would drive just down the street to work, I was a nanny. I was SO happy, even tho I was seperated and on the verge of divorce from my then husband. I just was so happy carrying my little girl feeling her movements, all the while, I was getting very very sick, I had no idea what lay ahead of me.

i went and parked where I used to live and said to Sadie "this is where your mommy lived when I was pregnant with your sissy" and I just started to cry. I stared up and remembered I would always do my laundary up there outside. I walked to the stores which were right down the street. I remember everything. I just miss my little girl. And in 16 days, it will be 2 years since my Naomi has been gone. I cannot believe it. I miss her so very much.
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