I feel a little better for when I try again

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Re: I feel a little better for when I try again

Postby misscoleyp » Wed Aug 10, 2011 07:15 pm

Sorry for checking in on this late! That is great news. Could you email me at [email protected]? I would love to chat with you offline. :D
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I feel a little better for when I try again

Postby Nadenet1229 » Tue Jun 07, 2011 11:22 pm

I finally got my blood test results back from the doctor. They ran test for lupus, blood diseases, etc. I huge panel that I had to give a lot of blood for and everything came back negative. Then I whipped out all the articles on Preeclampsia that I had printed out and start throwing question after question with him. I found out that he use to work under one of the doctors on the Medical Advisory Board for the Preeclampsia foundation. I'm understanding the site doesnt like me to put names in the post so I won't type the name, but when the doctor said the name I knew immediately who he was talking about. The physician who ordered my blood work was never my doctor through my pregnancy until I was hospitalized. I was told if I get pregnant again my regular OB will send me over to him and he will be primarily taking care of me. Everything I asked him, he knew what article I was talking about and was very patient with all my questions. I have to say he has really helped put my mind at ease. His main concern was that I understood that I didn't do anything wrong and that there was absolutely nothing wrong with my body and not to feel like I can't have children. I told him that I understood that trying to get pregnant again would be a matter of wether or not my husband and I felt it was worth the risk and that we definitely feel it is. And he said "I know that I am the doctor and you might see me as the guy that takes your money to care for you, but as my professional opinion and my personal opinion, its always worth the risk."

I have to say, my regular OB and this high risk OB are two of the greatest physicians I have met. I honestly feel like they are in this profession to help people. When he said that I could feel my tears building up. I honestly look forward to having him as my doctor when my husband and I decide to try again. I feel very confident in this man after one conversation with him. I had not realized how those little fears were already lurking in my head about what will happen but some how.... he's already helped ease them. I thank God for guiding such wonderful people like that who truly know how to help others.
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