I'm back here and what a roller coaster ride I am on. HELP!

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Re: I'm back here and what a roller coaster ride I am on. HE

Postby sam10 » Wed Aug 06, 639259 1:10 am

Hi Delissa,

also I have been wondering about you and I am sorry to hear that you are facing infertility issues:-( No fun. As if PE and the loss of your baby hadn't been enough to bear.
Before we had Henry we also have been trough the infertility mill (due to unexplained infertility that turned out to be a blockage that was later then removed) and I know the ups and downs, it's no fun. Clomid, IUI and trigger shot seems to be a good plan and I hope it;ll work. Back then Clomid has made me ravenous, so they switched me over to Femara, just so you know there are options:-)
We have been TTC for a while now and after an early MC in March nothing much happened since. I am done waiting and tired of TTC (a total of 5 yrs) and I have already set up an appointment with a specialist to discuss options, as I am worried to run out of time. I am not getting any younger. So I might join you soon in the "advanced TTC" group:-) Good luck and let us know how it goes!
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Re: I'm back here and what a roller coaster ride I am on. HE

Postby alexis » Tue Aug 05, 639259 4:49 pm

I went through SIF with this pregnancy. I have PCOS and a blocked tube. We wound up doing Follistim with Ovidrel (trigger shot) and IUI (we tried timed intercourse first, but no luck--I suspect my cervical mucus isn't what it used to be). It's tough, but it was definitely worth it in the end!
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Re: I'm back here and what a roller coaster ride I am on. HE

Postby kerisue » Mon Aug 04, 639259 10:07 pm

Hi Delissa, Glad to see you back! I've been wondering how you have been doing. I'm ttc now too and haven't been successful. Every negative test is beyond disappointing and brings my feelings of loss to the forefront again. It just isn't fair to be dealing with infertility after having already lost a child. Hopefully some of your extra measures- IUI, trigger shot- will do the trick.
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I'm back here and what a roller coaster ride I am on. HELP!

Postby atvlady » Fri Jul 25, 639259 8:40 pm

Most of you know what happened to me. Now Hubby and I are facing infertility....SERIOUSLY?!?!? Hubby has motility issue and me a possible endometrium issue but only after I ovulate. We will be doing IUI's with Clomid, Progesterone and a shot (name?) to release my eggs. Anyone? I am SO frustrated! :evil:
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