Did you still work?

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re: Did you still work?

Postby steffthomas » Fri Nov 28, 639259 8:23 am

I actually did not work with my first pregnancy, which was no where nearly as devastating of an outcome as yours. I actually wasn't working because I had just graduated from college, was studying for my boards, my husband ended up getting shot in Iraq, and there was just SO much going on in my life, we were financially ok, so I took time to breathe, relax, and "enjoy" my pregnancy. Emma was born at 32 weeks, and for some reason, her being born so early just really affected me in a bad kind of way. I have worked intermittently when I had friends to watch her, doing some nursing jobs PRN, but I cannot stand the idea of being away from her. We consider her a miracle baby.
So, when we decided we wanted to try again, we decided that there would be absolutely no working. I worked on a mental health unit as needed, which only usually ended up being maybe 12 hours a month, if that. I didn't do a lot of lifting, etc, but we figured this time, it was better for me to have the option to rest, etc. I'm 35 weeks and 4 days and have had no issues. I haven't changed a thing I did in my first pregnancy except for the fact that over the last almost five years, we have added another big dog to our family, and Emma has grown up, and obviously needs me to do things.

So, anyhow, I'm not sure that my not working has contributed myself going further this time, at all, but I do know that it, for me, has been nice mentally, to know that I AM resting as much as possible, etc. I feel like had I been working, and gotten pre eclampsia this time around, I would have blamed myself.

I think it's all how you feel yourself, I always think that mental health plays a lot in pregnancies. I've really tried not to be as stressed this time. Not that I haven't had my episodes, because believe me, I have, and you will too, especially because you experienced a loss.
It just depends what your career means to you. For me, I hardly worked at all since Emma was born, so I never really invested a lot into my career. However, maybe your job would be a good stress reliever for you. A time for you to not think about your pregnancy, etc. If you really love your job, etc, not working may actually hinder you.
I don't really think there's any right or wrong answer, but as far as the promotion, maybe you should talk to your boss, etc, explain about cutting back hours even if you take the promotion? It's always scary when you have to pay a lot out of pocket for medical expenses.
One thing my husband did to relieve some stress on me during the day, was starting last week, after I had had a couple labile pressures, he changed his work hours from 8 to 4:30 to 6-2:30. Our little girl typically sleeps till 8. He works for the DOD, and they are very family oriented. I just started to feel terrible that I wanted/needed to rest so much that I wasn't playing with my little girl much. I know it's only 2 hours but holy cow it's made a difference!!

You'll make whatever decisions right for your family!! Keep us updated!

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Did you still work?

Postby flori » Fri Nov 28, 639259 4:18 am


I'm curious if you continued to work while pregnant, especially if you were pregnant following a loss. If you did continue, did you cut back on hours?

I haven't consulted with an MFM yet (plan to soon), but it turns out I am being considered for a promotion and I am unsure if I will be able to cut back on my hours if I accept.

I originally planned to try for Rainbow at the beginning of the year and worry about promotions later, but after finding out that Lovenox (or a generic) will cost us an arm and a leg, dh and I threw around the idea of me accepting the promotion (and $1500 a month increase) and save for a few months before we try again. The two year window is definitely in the back of my mind, especially since it's already been 6 months.

My job is not super physical, mostly walking and some light lifting.

Any advice?
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