Anticipation causing severe PMS symptoms?

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Re: Anticipation causing severe PMS symptoms?

Postby cmccaffrey » Sun Nov 20, 2011 07:46 pm

It's really tough to say. I actually had pregnancy symptoms before my period every month. The ONLY difference in the month that I got pregnant on was that my temp stayed higher in the end and I had a positive test. Now a week after I tested positive is when I started having OTHER pregnancy symptoms and I could actually feel more pregnant. Some women can feel a complete difference in being pregnant and not being pregnant. After my first pregnancy, I think I wanted this one so badly that I might have over exaggerated my symptoms, but I am not saying at all that's what's happening to you... just what my experience was. Anyways, I hope you do find yourself to be pregnant. I didn't test positive until 15dpo, but I was really adement about waiting until my temps had been elevated for a decent amount of time because I wanted to see the temp dip and so forth.

I guess you will find out whether you are pregnant in the next few days! Baby dust to you!
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Anticipation causing severe PMS symptoms?

Postby Nadenet1229 » Sun Nov 20, 2011 07:28 pm

I am 11 dpo right now. My husband and I decided to go ahead and just stop using contraceptives for now and let whatever happens happen. If there is no pregnancy in a few months, then we will break out the ovulations kits again. Well, we made this decision on my day of ovulation and I'm starting to wonder if perhaps my husband is a "sharp shooter" or if my anticipation of pregnancy is making my PMS symptoms just more severe. I started a diet and for a few days I have been overly emotional about food. I just assumed it was because my AF is due on this coming Thursday. My stomach started to act up, not throwing up but after I eat I feel like throwing up might make me feel better, so I started to think that maybe I had a bug. My face was really flush yesterday but my temp was normal. My skin is starting to dry up on my face, just like it did when I was pregnant before. Then I gagged two days ago because of a smell and my husband about leaped out of his chair claiming I had to be pregnant because when I was pregnant last time was the only time I ever gagged for an offensive smell. Well, without even thinking that I was only 9 dpo at the time, I took a test. It came up negative so I tossed it in the trash bin. Next day my husband comes in saying its positive. He saw it in the trashcan and it showed a faint positive. I told him that its only valid within its a lotted time per the directions and that could be an evaporation line. But he got me wondering so much that I went out a bought another one today and took it, again not even thinking that I'm only 11 dpo and I thought that I could see a faint positive but it was so light that I figured I was just wishing it more than seeing it. So I placed it in the bin. I went back in the bathroom to empty the trash an hour later and the test was showing a faint positive. Of course, again I told my husband that its not valid since it was past the recommended read time, but my stomach is bothering me a lot, my face is flush, and I'm feeling almost like I'm coming down with a sinus issue, which is exactly what happen the first time I got pregnant. I get symptoms of a sinus infection, I have no idea. Not stuffy nose, but just like.. its irritated.

Do you think its possible that maybe I'm just wanting it so bad that my PMS symptoms are just more severe? I'm not getting any cramps, which normally I would before AF but my lower abdomen has little aches and twinges. Again, I just assume that maybe I just want it bad. Anyone else have something similar?
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