Transcriptionally Active Syncytial Aggregates in the Materna

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Transcriptionally Active Syncytial Aggregates in the Materna

Postby caryn » Fri Jan 06, 2012 09:04 am

Here we report that the preeclamptic placenta's outermost layer, the syncytiotrophoblast, forms abundant "knots" that are enriched with sFlt1 protein. These syncytial knots easily detach from the syncytiotrophoblast, resulting in free, multinucleated aggregates (50-150 μm diameter) that are loaded with sFlt1 protein and mRNA, are metabolically active, and are capable of de novo gene transcription and translation.

So the placenta is sending out signals to the maternal system by unloosing pieces of itself into the maternal bloodstream, and bossy placentas send more signals and make more preeclampsia. ("Honey, it's your fault!")
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